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A new study from India shows how the practice of Yoga may help manage migraine better than just medication Practicing yoga offers several benefits, including the ability to reduce headaches. This has been confirmed by a new Indian study which evaluated the effectiveness of this practice in combination with pharmacological treatments for migraine. Yoga is … Read more

Wrinkles around the mouth: How to reduce them without going through surgery in 4 pro tips?

Wrinkles around the mouth How to reduce them without going

Wrinkles around the lips represent hollows that form at the level of the labial commissure and can reach the cheeks, chin and nose. The result ? A sad and stern face. Stop wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth! Make way for sublime and sensual lips! The beauty experts at give you their advice … Read more

Mindfulness meditation could reduce pain

Mindfulness meditation could reduce pain

News Published on 05/05/2022 at 12:42 p.m. Updated 08/26/2022 at 08:00 Reading 2 mins. Medical validation: August 26, 2022 A large study conducted by American researchers reveals that mindfulness meditation can have a positive impact on chronic pain and on taking painkillers. What if we could manage physical pain through meditation? A new study published … Read more

Covid-19: 4 ways to reduce severe forms

Covid 19 4 ways to reduce severe forms

THE ESSENTIAL As of September 29, 51,366 new cases of Covid-19 have been identified in one week. In France, 53,673,245 people are completely vaccinated. Imbalances in our immune response and microbiome play an important role in the persistence of symptoms of Covid-19, which can include “brain fog”, disturbances in memory, shortness … Read more

Diabetes: this ultra-simple technique helps reduce blood sugar

Diabetes this ultra simple technique helps reduce blood sugar

THE ESSENTIAL Type 2 diabetes is hyperglycemia: excess sugar in the blood. 90% of people with diabetes have this form of the disease. Type 2 diabetes can affect arterial, kidney and eye health. Our mental health contributes to our physical health. By improving our psychological well-being, we can reduce the risk … Read more

Yes, we can reduce popular support for identities!

Yes, we can reduce popular support for identities! The good results of the NUPES reflect the effect of the electoral alliance and undoubtedly reflect a plateau in the erosion of the electoral weight of the currents eco-socialistsI use this unsatisfactory term for “radical ecological left” or for “supporters of the commons”. But a simple electoral … Read more

Mindfulness meditation, daily practice to reduce anxiety

Mindfulness meditation daily practice to reduce

What results can we expect from practicing meditation on a daily basis? We can find greater emotional balance, learn to be more present in each moment, to take better care of ourselves and others. Is the lack of financial means an obstacle to access to the various techniques of meditation, relaxation or mindfulness? It’s undeniable. … Read more

How to reduce migraines caused by your smartphone?

How to reduce migraines caused by your smartphone

Do you frequently suffer from migraines? Heavy use of your smartphone can be one of the causes. Here are some tips to reduce headaches triggered by your phone. Smartphones can give us headaches – Credit: Pexels They have become indispensable companions in our daily life. Both for work and for leisure. But by dint of … Read more

Food budget: how to reduce it? Discover 10 life-changing tips and tricks!

Food budget how to reduce it Discover 10 life changing tips

Many of us want to correct our spending habits and save money. Did you know that many people spend too much on food and contribute to mass food waste? If you’re curious about how to fix this problem, eat healthier, and keep your bank account from feeling empty and sad, read on! The DeaVita team … Read more

Prince William: why he will reduce his next conversations with his brother to a bare minimum

Prince William why he will reduce his next conversations with

Prince Harry’s presence at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee arouses mistrust in Prince William. The Duke of Cambridge fears the conversations with his brother will be made public. Prince Harry’s arrival at Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II is not not necessarily good news for Prince William, announcement Mirror. According to the outlet, the Duke of … Read more