Astro: here are the most popular signs of the zodiac

Astro here are the most popular signs of the zodiac

Each individual has unique personal characteristics that make up their personality. In this field, astrology is unbeatable when it comes to qualifying them, because it can use cosmic energies to explain who you are and how you behave with others. That is why this age-old discipline can also explain what makes a person popular or … Read more

Politics – Bruno Rojouan (LR): “A senator from popular France”

Politics Bruno Rojouan LR A senator from popular France

How did you experience your change of status two years ago, passing from the responsibility of local elected representative to that of national elected representative? “I found myself a little destabilized the first six months. When you are a local elected representative, you must be able to be quick in decision-making and in action. But … Read more

Love: Contrary to popular belief, opposites do not attract

Star Academy what happened to Carine Haddadou candidate for the

No, opposites don’t attract. It would even be the opposite: the more we resemble each other, the more we come together. Vou are smart and rather shy. He’s the pretty kid in the class, the one everyone worships or fears (your choice). Nothing connects you and yet… Yet, according to the saying popular, you will … Read more

Guest Africa – Alain Godonou: in Benin, “the exhibition of the treasures of Abomey was a surprising popular success”

Guest Africa Alain Godonou in Benin the exhibition of

Published on : 11/11/2022 – 08:05 That was almost a year ago to the day. Benin saw itself restored by France the 26 works of the royal treasures of Abomey. The Beninese authorities hope that other works will be returned to them in the coming years. But before that, they work, for temporary exhibitions, on … Read more

Burkina Faso: CADES-BF, a civil society organization, proposes popular mobilization around the defense forces

Burkina Faso CADES BF a civil society organization proposes popular mobilization

The Circle of Actions for the Economic and Social Development of Burkina Faso (CADES-BF) was in front of the press on October 7, 2022. Objective, to show its support for the MPSR which it describes as “the people’s MPSR” and to make a whole proposals to the new authorities to get the country out of … Read more

facts of yesterday – For the elevation of the popular classes

facts of yesterday For the elevation of the popular

On March 28, 1882, the deputies definitively adopted the law making primary education compulsory for children of both sexes, aged six to thirteen. It could be dispensed “…either in primary or secondary educational establishments, or in public or free schools, or in families by the father of the family himself or any other person he … Read more

Yes, we can reduce popular support for identities!

Yes, we can reduce popular support for identities! The good results of the NUPES reflect the effect of the electoral alliance and undoubtedly reflect a plateau in the erosion of the electoral weight of the currents eco-socialistsI use this unsatisfactory term for “radical ecological left” or for “supporters of the commons”. But a simple electoral … Read more

DIRECT. Legislative 2022: Jean-Luc Mélenchon launches the “Parliament of Nupes” to promote “popular involvement”

DIRECT Legislative 2022 Jean Luc Melenchon launches the Parliament of Nupes

Find here all of our live #POLITICS 8:51 p.m. : “We are going to look hospital by hospital where the problems are: caregiver fatigue, repeated sick leave, inability to recruit (…) to have a complete map at the start of the summer. 8:50 p.m. : Emmanuel Macron says a little more about the fact-finding mission … Read more

Yoga, Cycling, Paddle… activities popular with Tunisians to decompress! – Gnet news

1653079810 Yoga Cycling Paddle activities popular with Tunisians to decompress

20-05-2022 After two years punctuated by pandemic peaks and successive confinements, and the resulting consequences of economic and social crises, Tunisians are faced with daily stress. Financial pressures, difficulties in finishing the month, lack of visibility for the future… so many worries took hold of our minds… From now on, sitting on a restaurant terrace … Read more