Mindfulness meditation, daily practice to reduce anxiety

What results can we expect from practicing meditation on a daily basis?

We can find greater emotional balance, learn to be more present in each moment, to take better care of ourselves and others.

Is the lack of financial means an obstacle to access to the various techniques of meditation, relaxation or mindfulness?

It’s undeniable. And this is especially the case for young people who, even if they are psychologically in difficulty, do nothing because of financial problems.

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Have you seen any significant changes in mental health since the start of the crisis?

Yes, it has deteriorated considerably. One of the obvious reasons comes from the uncertainty in which we are perpetually. It becomes very difficult to project oneself. Our relationship with others has also been disrupted and this is one of the important criteria for good psychological health. Add to this a certain precariousness that many people have had to face.

How would you like to respond to people who think these are sore concerns?

It’s just, in a way. When you have trouble eating or paying your bills, of course, you have other concerns than meditating. At the same time, the quality of our life is often determined by our mental health. Not everyone can afford to have access to courses, internships, etc. With this app, we just wanted to get out of this cliché that all these techniques are reserved for sores. It is a practical and pragmatic tool.

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Don’t we tend to wait until things get really bad before turning to tools that are actually quite simple?

Unfortunately, yes ! Especially since meditation as practiced on the Prezens application – is a secular method. You don’t have to believe in something to use it. It is also validated by scientific research. It therefore has real legitimacy and allows you to obtain results by devoting only a few minutes a day to it. The right step would be to take care of our mental health before it becomes urgent.

How is this app different from others?

It is totally accessible, even to those whose status is precarious. As soon as you download the app, you can use it and when the small subscription window appears, anyone can click on “I can’t afford to subscribe”. We have chosen this mode of voluntary participation to support the project. Whether you pay or not, access is the same. It is also an app that was created by people who know meditation, scientists and practitioners who have a solid background in the field.

prezens.app4.99 €/month.

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Mindfulness meditation, daily practice to reduce anxiety

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