The Magi, these great unknowns – Swiss Catholic Portal

The Magi these great unknowns – Swiss Catholic Portal

Everything, everything, everything, you will know everything about the mages! Who are these mysterious characters actually? How did the tradition develop around these Magi presented in the Gospel of Matthew and become essential santons in our Christmas cribs? Sophie Dnewspaper Sunday If the historicity of the Magi is uncertain, it nevertheless corresponds to the well-attested … Read more

Leaving Paris – In Praise of the Swiss Mountains

Leaving Paris – In Praise of the Swiss Mountains

Located in the heart of Zermatt, the Cervo offers a modern transcription of the alpine hunting lodge, between design, raw materials and local culture. By Clara Le Fort The name of the hotel comes from mount matterhorn (Cervino in Italian, which also means “little deer”), an emblematic summit of 4,478 meters above sea level which … Read more

Heroes and witches haunt the Swiss National Museum – Swiss Catholic Portal

Heroes and witches haunt the Swiss National Museum – Swiss

Devil, witches and agents of the Good God have made an appointment in Zurich, in these winter nights, for new sarabands or fights between supernatural forces. Since December 16, 2022, the National City Museum has hosted an exhibition entitled Alpine legends. It depicts some fantastic stories that still haunt our Swiss Alps and which are … Read more

Sunday Gospel: Wonderful Joseph! – Swiss Catholic portal

Sunday Gospel Wonderful Joseph – Swiss Catholic portal

Who among us does not, one morning or another, experience waking up still completely inhabited by the dream of the night? A few snippets or an incongruous story wander in our still sleepy memory. And the interpretation of dreams by psychoanalysts has a bright future ahead of it! But the Bible also speaks to us … Read more

The ‘Manuscript of the Six Ages of the World’: an amazing parchment – ​​Swiss Catholic Portal

1671129385 The Manuscript of the Six Ages of the World an

Astonishing in its format, fascinating in its content and intriguing in its history, the Manuscript of the Six Ages of the World, preserved in Sion, had everything to attract the attention of historians. After more than three years of deciphering, translation, analysis and research, the 14th century work is now presented to the general public … Read more

The Swiss reduce their Christmas lights, energy savings oblige

The Swiss reduce their Christmas lights energy savings oblige

Decorating your home with angels, fir trees and other light garlands, a custom that normally goes hand in hand with the Advent period. But this year, energy savings are changing habits. Decorations and light garlands by the thousands: for 20 years, Jean-Marie Chassot’s gas station in the Friborg village of Prez-vers-Noréaz sparkled from the start … Read more

Catholic groups criticize Disney’s ‘pro-LGBT’ turn – Swiss Catholic Portal

15 combinations of signs to form the perfect couple

Disney has openly encouraged the acceptance of minorities, especially sexual minorities, in its entertainment activities for several years. An approach that provoked an outcry from conservative Catholic movements, particularly in Africa. On March 28, 2022, Disney Group President Karey Burke expressed to her employees her wish to see more LGBTQ and racial minority characters in … Read more

Homily of November 27, 2022, Advent 1 – (Mt 24, 37-44) – Swiss Catholic Portal

Homily of November 27 2022 Advent 1 – Mt 24

Father Côme Traoré – Notre-Dame Basilica, Geneva Dear friends, The universal Church begins, on this Sunday, the season of Advent; in other words, the time of preparation for the coming in glory of Jesus the Lord of history and time; he who returns to establish the reign of justice and peace which he never ceased … Read more

Homily of November 6, 2022 (Lk 20, 27-38) – Swiss Catholic Portal

Homily of November 6 2022 Lk 20 27 38 – Swiss

Canon Olivier Roduit – Basilica of the Abbey of Saint-Maurice This Sunday, the Church speaks to us of resurrection. A theme that I found difficult to approach calmly during a sermon. However, when I mentioned my difficulties in writing this homily, the radio journalist answered me by gently provoking me: “If the Church does not … Read more

The Franciscans of the Bronx, “angels” of the outskirts – Swiss Catholic Portal

The Franciscans of the Bronx angels of the outskirts –

The ‘Franciscans of the Renewal’, nicknamed ‘Franciscans of the Bronx’, are at the service of the underprivileged populations of the big cities. Two of them, Raphaël and Angelo, gave their testimony to the Metanoia festival, in St-Maurice (VS). “Liam* had a criminal record as long as his arm,” recalls Angelo. When he came to the … Read more