Evelyne Dhéliat addicted to cosmetic surgery? She throws the truth!

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Evelyne Dhéliat no longer presents herself. This is a personality that several generations of viewers know. She holds longest career at TF1. His warm smile is an aspect that the public particularly appreciates about her. She recently accepted an interview with TV Grandes Chaînes. She talks about her opinion on cosmetic surgery and her secrets … Read more

Wrinkles around the mouth: How to reduce them without going through surgery in 4 pro tips?

Wrinkles around the mouth How to reduce them without going

Wrinkles around the lips represent hollows that form at the level of the labial commissure and can reach the cheeks, chin and nose. The result ? A sad and stern face. Stop wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth! Make way for sublime and sensual lips! The beauty experts at Deavita.fr give you their advice … Read more

Virtual reality to relieve patients during surgery?

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During surgery, immersing patients in virtual reality would reduce the amount of anesthetic used. Here is the conclusion of a new study. A team of researchers from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston conducted tests on 34 patients undergoing elective hand surgery. They divided them into two equal groups. Only one of the groups … Read more

A former candidate of the Angels transformed by surgery

By S.J. – Published on May 19, 2022 at 11:24 A former candidate of the Angels is completely transformed by cosmetic surgery and the shocking images made Internet users react. Cosmetic surgery can sometimes really transform a person’s face. This is particularly the case of a former candidate of the Angels. Remember Myriam Abel, who … Read more