Food budget: how to reduce it? Discover 10 life-changing tips and tricks!

Many of us want to correct our spending habits and save money. Did you know that many people spend too much on food and contribute to mass food waste? If you’re curious about how to fix this problem, eat healthier, and keep your bank account from feeling empty and sad, read on! The DeaVita team brings you 10 very useful tips and tricks to cook healthy and save on a tight budget. No more excess food that we throw away! No more money thrown out the window! Your consumption habits must change as soon as possible and we will start together. Learn how to reduce the food budget easily!

Reduce the food budget easily!

Ten ways to save money. Ten simple steps to change your life. Starting now is the best option. Do you feel a sense of defeat every time you look at the receipt after shopping? Are you afraid to start healthy eating just because it costs too much? Do you fall back on junk food since it’s cheaper and you don’t have to spend time cooking? If this is your case, know that you are not alone. These are pretty logical steps that each of us has considered doing once. Let’s go !

Make a shopping list and stick to it

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The most common problem when it comes to shopping is doing it without a list! Indeed, if we do not have a specific list of items ready to go when we go to the supermarket, our mind starts to wonder. Supermarkets are built in a way to draw your attention to sweets and junk food to make you spend more. If you’ve been wise and avoided those sections by shopping while sticking to the list, you’re fine. However, think of racing as a dungeon in a video game where you have to take down bosses! The last and most tempting section is the one before the crates, which contains small, inexpensive items that catch your eye. It is therefore essential to stick to your list to avoid overspending.

Don’t shop if you’re hungry

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Sometimes we have no choice: there is nothing at home and we are starving! Then you have to go to the grocery store. If you have the opportunity to eat before, do it. Studies show that hungry people choose the most calorie-dense foods from the supermarket!

Food budget: make a menu for the week

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Meal prepping is a fantastic way to save money and lose weight the healthy way! You stick to a list of ingredients and make healthy meals for the whole week. This way you won’t be tempted to eat more.

Buy frozen fruits and vegetables

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We’ve all heard that it’s best to use fresh produce. However, fresh fruits and vegetables turn out to be much more expensive than frozen ones. But here it is: frozen foods are not necessarily bad. It’s cheaper and you still get the nutrients and calories you need for the day.

Rice, beans and pasta are your friends

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Food budget: Rice, beans and pasta are arguably the cheapest and most filling foods out there. There are some amazing recipes you can follow to make delicious and filling meals for the whole family without spending too much. Just add some frozen vegetables, spices and the oil of your choice for a chef’s meal!

Reduce your meat consumption

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Food budget: meat becomes more and more expensive over the years. Even though we love meat, overconsumption is bad for our health, especially for cholesterol levels. Reducing your meat consumption can therefore be a very good thing, both for your wallet and for your health!

And the special drinks?

Reduce wine to save money

What are “special drinks”. Soda, beer, wine, fruit juices, etc. are not essential for a happy and healthy life. If you usually drink soda or alcohol every day, try reducing the amounts. For example: only drink them on weekends. You will see a huge change almost immediately!

Food budget: cook at home

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Ordering food or eating out is always a pleasure! However, it is much more expensive than cooking yourself. Some of us have very busy jobs and sometimes when we come home we don’t really have the energy to cook. However, if you have a budget problem, here is one of the best options to help you!

Limit food waste

Food waste how to reduce

Occasionally we throw away good food without even realizing it. A lot of food we throw away could be cleverly repurposed. For example, bones can be frozen and reused later to make broth, or food peelings can be used to make natural fertilizer! There are a plethora of possibilities!

Reduce your food portions

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Are you struggling to lose weight? Tired of fad diets that lead nowhere but bulimia? The trick to losing weight and saving money is simple: if you eat a lot, cut your portions in half. To lose weight, you should eat no more than 2000 calories a day and no more than 1500.

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Food budget: save money on groceries 2022.

save money on groceries 2022

Food budget for 1 person 2022: make a list before shopping!

Food budget 2022

Cooking on a budget: possible? Absolutely ! Follow our advice @

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Food budget: how to reduce it? Discover 10 life-changing tips and tricks!

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