The Swiss reduce their Christmas lights, energy savings oblige

The Swiss reduce their Christmas lights energy savings oblige

Decorating your home with angels, fir trees and other light garlands, a custom that normally goes hand in hand with the Advent period. But this year, energy savings are changing habits. Decorations and light garlands by the thousands: for 20 years, Jean-Marie Chassot’s gas station in the Friborg village of Prez-vers-Noréaz sparkled from the start … Read more

Chemins de Fer du Creusot: After the Covid, all the lights went back to green!

Chemins de Fer du Creusot After the Covid all the

Serge Chevalier reminded us that the Chemins de fer du Creusot came out of the Covid period in good conditions, which allows us to look to the future with serenity. “2022 was the year of rebirth. After 2 years of restriction and later opening of the season (in June) due to the pandemic, we were … Read more

Energy crisis: these passionate individuals who adapt and who do not give up Christmas lights

Energy crisis these passionate individuals who adapt and who do scaled

Each year, several Lorraine houses adorn themselves with thousands of light bulbs and garlands to make young and old dream. With the rise in energy prices, these illuminations will shine (a little) less this winter in Meurthe-et-Moselle. But they won’t go away. Faced with rising energy prices and the risk of power cuts, fans of … Read more