Wrinkles around the mouth: How to reduce them without going through surgery in 4 pro tips?

Wrinkles around the lips represent hollows that form at the level of the labial commissure and can reach the cheeks, chin and nose. The result ? A sad and stern face. Stop wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth! Make way for sublime and sensual lips! The beauty experts at Deavita.fr give you their advice and good plants to knock out skin folds. Focus!

At what age do lip wrinkles appear?

Wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth usually appear in your 40s. However, we could have them from the age of 30, depending on the anatomy of the face and the type of skin. Aging is still the main cause of the formation of wrinkles. It thus leads to various phenomena responsible for sagging skin: gravity, loss of lipids in the subcutaneous tissue, bone loss in the jaw, etc. Certain factors such as smoking, weight variation, lack of sleep and poor diet can also impact the appearance of wrinkles around the lips, but also around the eyes. It is therefore essential to act in advance in order to prevent them.

how to remove wrinkles around mouth chin nose

Typically, wrinkles form when the body begins to slow down the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin which are the main responsible for firm and toned skin. Being the first areas of the face affected by this phenomenon, the lips and the eye contour deserve to be pampered regularly. Creams, anti aging masks, facial yoga, gymnastics… there are many natural and inexpensive remedies that you can try to remedy this. However, it is important to mention that cosmetic surgery remains the most invasive solution, but also the most effective.

how to remove wrinkles around the mouth with laser price 30 years

Wrinkles around the lips affect both women and men. Nevertheless, they are generally more marked in women due to genetic factors. In addition, gentlemen can easily camouflage them under a beautiful dense beard. To fill in the famous barcode wrinkles, hyaluronic acid comes to our rescue. With its moisturizing and repairing power, it is found in our anti-aging products (gel, cream, mask, etc.), boosting and preserving our health and beauty capital. These products also make it possible to limit the natural evaporation of water in the skin to keep it hydrated, by plumping up wrinkles. The downside? They are quite expensive. Likewise, hyaluronic acid injections are not safe for the face. The solution ? Grandma’s natural remedies. Here are 4 tested and approved by the editorial staff!

What are the wrinkles around the mouth called?

Which massage for wrinkles around the mouth?

Applying an anti-aging treatment is crucial. But did you know that with facial self-massage you can complement and potentiate its effect?
Frowns, repeated laughter, change in temperature, stress, lack of sleep… your face undergoes several attacks every day. To restore its radiance, massage your lips and their contour by making small circles with your fingertips to release tension and boost blood circulation. Continue until you feel a slight pinch. You can also make small circles over the entire surface of the face and stretch each wrinkle with the tips of your fingers outward. Demo in the video below!

What anti-aging face mask?

Smooth and perfect skin is sometimes only due to a small beauty gesture that is the homemade face mask. Here is THE recipe to try to erase the years!

Ingredients needed:

  • 100g cucumber
  • 100g aloe vera pulp or gel

how to remove wrinkles around the mouth naturally anti aging face mask

Instructions :

In a small container, mix 100 g of cucumber and 100 g of aloe vera pulp. You can replace the latter with an aloe gel. Then add a little water and apply on a clean face. Leave on overnight. The next day, rinse with lukewarm water and finish by applying your usual moisturizer.

What vegetable oil p?

what oil for wrinkles around the mouth lips eyes

In addition to protecting us from the sun, certain vegetable oils tend to tone, nourish and rebalance the skin, making excellent allies against wrinkles around the mouth. Among the most popular are:

  • Argan oil
  • rosehip oil
  • coconut
  • sweet almond

Manual :

To take full advantage of their anti-aging properties, apply a small amount to your lips and contour, then massage until the product is absorbed.

What about facial yoga?

yoga exercises massage wrinkles around the mouth woman

Facial yoga is a series of repetitive facial exercises that stimulate facial muscles, which helps tighten skin and reduce signs of aging. What’s more, this method is also known to activate underworked muscles. But how exactly does it work? the facial yoga can increase blood circulation and thus promote the lymphatic system. In other words, these movements help the body push blood, essential nutrients and oxygen to the face as well as eliminate toxins and relieve tension.

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Wrinkles around the mouth: How to reduce them without going through surgery in 4 pro tips?

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