Nizar Baraka: 46% of this year’s road budget spent on maintenance

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The Minister of Equipment and Water, Nizar Baraka, affirmed on Monday that the establishment of spatial justice at the level of road programs is at the center of government priorities. Justice… space In his response to an oral question on the “achievement of spatial justice through road programs”, Baraka pointed out that “work is currently … Read more

Do you have an irresistible urge to sink your budget? Here’s how to overcome your spending habits in four steps.

Do you have an irresistible urge to sink your budget

“I recommend that you sincerely consider one or two alternatives before entering an environment where you will experience temptation.” (Photo: Getty Images) The time for confession has come: I was an inveterate waster. This habit dates back to my early childhood, when I envied people who ate brand name cereal and had refrigerators with ice … Read more

2023 budget and action plan of the MRC du Haut-Saint-François – Ville East Angus

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Tour de force in an inflationary period On November 23, the council of the MRC du Haut-Saint-François adopted its budget and its 2023 action plan. Budget 2023 Highlights: The 2023 budget of $7,490,728 was prepared with the objective of minimizing quota increases for our municipalities. This year, the challenge was significant considering the addition of … Read more

Quel budget et quel avenir pour les forains de la ducasse d’hiver de Loon-Plage ?

Quel budget et quel avenir pour les forains de la

La ducasse d’hiver s’est installée sur la place de l’Église de Loon-Plage par temps froid et pluvieux, samedi 5 novembre. Sur place, les familles, les jeunes et les moins jeunes sont venus profiter des manèges, des stands, des jeux et de la confiserie proposée par les 12 familles de forains présentes. Un budget restreint Le … Read more

Finance bill | Why is the budget of the Ministry of Agriculture increasing by 20% in 2023?

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On the occasion of the presentation of finance bill 2023yesterday in the Council of Ministers, the ministry of agriculture was granted a budget of 5,987 million euros, up 20% compared to the budget included in the 2022 finance bill. How to explain this significant budget increase? Nearly 6 billion euros will be devoted in 2023 … Read more

Food budget: how to reduce it? Discover 10 life-changing tips and tricks!

Food budget how to reduce it Discover 10 life changing tips

Many of us want to correct our spending habits and save money. Did you know that many people spend too much on food and contribute to mass food waste? If you’re curious about how to fix this problem, eat healthier, and keep your bank account from feeling empty and sad, read on! The DeaVita team … Read more