Do you often dream of death or illness? Here’s what that means.

Do you often dream of death or illness Heres what

Have you dreamed of death, illness, disaster or even a coffin? Don’t panic, we’ll explain what that means! During the entire period of confinement, did you have strange dreams? You chained the nightmares? Have you dreamed more than usual, more intensely? Don’t panic: it’s normal. At the beginning of April 2020, a team from the … Read more

Beyond Death: All About Near Death Experiences (NDEs)

What happens once we die? Near-death experiences (EMI) could provide the answer to this question that fascinates humanity, always aware of its fragility. We take stock of the tracks and plausible explanations of this extraordinary phenomenon. • Read also: Astro and tarot: to the rescue of souls in crisis In 2017, Colette Aussedat went to … Read more

When science looks at reincarnated children and life after death

It sometimes happens that you have the feeling of knowing a place where you have never set foot… Or you have a gift for drawing or painting, but you are the only one in the family… And if you were a “reincarnated child” ? For more than 50 years, what we call the “reincarnated children” … Read more

Nathalie Marquay: Jean-Pierre Pernaut by her side despite his death, the disturbing signs he sends her

Nathalie Marquay saw her world turned upside down on March 2, 2022. That day, her husband Jean-Pierre Pernaut died at the age of 71 and since, like the other relatives of the former presenter of the 1 p.m. news from TF1, Miss France 1987 is trying to rebuild itself and move forward. Despite everything, her … Read more

Love, Death and Robots: season 3 offers a sumptuous trailer – CinéSéries

Love Death and Robots season 3 offers a sumptuous trailer

The trailer for season 3 of “Love, Death + Robots” has just been unveiled by Netflix. Superb images announcing the release of 9 episodes on May 20 on the platform. And it looks totally insane once again! Love, Death and Robots : an already cult series In 2019, Tim Miller and David Fincher are producing … Read more

Love, Death & Robots: Volume 3, trailer and list of new chapters

Almost a year after the release of the second season, netflix just released the new trailer for Season 3 of the Emmy-winning series,”Love, death and robots: volume 3 “. The short preview shows audiences the new variety of fascinating and themed worlds this new batch of chapters will have, including an ancient lake overrun by … Read more