Mirror hours: learn to interpret the messages of your guardian angel

Bill Callahan Thomas Kahn Pixies Alexis HK… Notre selection musicale

Who hasn’t looked at their watch and been surprised to see the same number describing the hours as the minutes, such as 11:11 a.m., 2:02 a.m., 1:13 p.m.? These are the mirror hours. And if we had to see a spiritual meaning, a message, a warning sent by his guardian angel? Let’s take a closer … Read more

The Angel or the overcoming of the Human. APEF-AUF International Conference (Coimbra)

The detonating Silence of Falk Richter

The Angel or the overcoming of the Human International conference APEF-AUF (20 years of APEF – /) Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra 30 and 31 March 2023 (1er call) The Portuguese Association for French Studies (APEF), within the framework of a project of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), has engaged … Read more

Azrael Takes On Shocking New Form As Gotham’s Old Testament Angel | Pretty Reel

New Manga Proves Reincarnation Is The Genres Worst New Trend

Besides being beautifully terrifying, this new angelic form signals the start of a new era for Jean-Paul Valley and Azrael the Avenging Angel. Finally, Azrael has revealed his true form as Jean-Paul Valley finally accepts his role as Gotham’s avenging angel. Throughout his history, Jean-Paul resisted Azrael’s conditioning, believing himself to be separate from the … Read more

This sentence that Carlo Acutis received from his guardian angel

This sentence that Carlo Acutis received from his guardian angel

Antonia Salzano, the mother of Carlo Acutis, has revealed that her son has a very special relationship with his guardian angel. Carlo Acutis was very linked to angels and had created a personal and special relationship with his own guardian angel. For some, the guardian angel is a vague childhood memory. But for Carlo, it … Read more

Beauty Angel France 2023: La Nanteuillaise, Julie Goursaud represents Ile-de-France!

Beauty Angel France 2023 La Nanteuillaise Julie Goursaud represents Ile de France

Angel Beauté France, an election for all women. This Saturday, November 5, 2022, the third edition of Angel Beauté France will crown his Angel Beauty France 2023 to Michel Polnareff Cultural Center of Fontenay-Tresigny at 8:30 p.m. Among the 21 candidates, Julie GoursaudAngel Beauté Ile-de-France, represents the Region Ile-de-France and our Department. Living at Nanteuil-les-Meauxthe … Read more

Gemma’s angel: “We get everything from love, even spitting”

Gemmas angel We get everything from love even spitting

Saint Gemma Galgani’s method of unmasking demons who pretended to be angels was a bit peculiar. This earned him a nice wink from his guardian angel! Canonized in 1940, the young Italian mystic Gemma Galgani is a disturbing saint. Born in 1878, she died in 1903 at the end of a life of suffering linked … Read more

Father Lamy, saved from the bombardments… by his guardian angel

Father Lamy saved from the bombardments… by his guardian angel

Listening to your guardian angel is sometimes a matter of life and death. This is the experience of Father Lamy, parish priest of La Courneuve, during the First World War. Father Jean-Édouard Lamy (1853-1931), parish priest of La Courneuve at the beginning of the last century, whom the Archbishop of Paris compared, to those close … Read more

The guardian angel, the flower crowns and the two spouses

The Church celebrates the Guardian Angels on October 2. The chronicles abound with marvelous stories where these holy angels intervene in the name of God to save men from many perils. Thus, the coming of the angel who preserved the virginity of Saint Cecilia, on her wedding day, with flowers picked from Heaven… “Guardian angels … Read more

Faustina, Thomas Aquinas… what relationship did the great saints have with their guardian angel?

Faustina Thomas Aquinas what relationship did the great saints have

Some saints have a special and sometimes mysterious relationship with their guardian angel. Who is he really? A companion, a prayer guide, a teacher? And how does he intervene in the lives of those who aspired to a life of holiness? For Cardinal Newman, a major figure in the Church of England canonized in 2019, … Read more