Case of the “52 billion” scam: justice takes action

Case of the 52 billion scam justice takes action

In recent times, cases of fraud and scams are increasing on social networks in a worrying way. Counterfeit goods, foreign travel, witchcraft… the gangsters of the Net do not lack imagination to trap the most gullible among us. The latest case is that of the fictitious company, BLB Finances, whose case is being heard by … Read more

Who are Wanna Marchi and Stefania Nobile from Netflix’s Fortune Seller: A TV Scam? – Noufelle EN

1664340013 Who are Wanna Marchi and Stefania Nobile from Netflixs Fortune scaled

WANNA Marchi became a household name as a television salesman in the late 1970s. She won the title of home shopping queen for selling a wide range of gadgets from slimming creams to lottery numbers. 2 Who is Wanna Marchi? Wanna Marchi was born into a large family of ten siblings in Bologna, Italy. She … Read more

Scam: this fake parcel delivery SMS can rob you, be careful!

Scam this fake parcel delivery SMS can rob you be

Are you expecting a package and have you received an SMS or email from a delivery service? Beware of scams and scams! Phishing is the popular internet scam. 🔴[#ALERTE #Cybersécurité] waves going wrong #SMS delivery of #package ⚠️ Risks: #viruspiracy of #telephonetheft of passwords, #piracy accounts, mass SMS sending… 🛡️ Don’t click! More information 👇 … Read more

Funerals among the Bétés and Didas of the Ivory Coast: Cultural solidarity or pure organized scam?

Funerals among the Betes and Didas of the Ivory Coast

Funerals are all solemn cultural, religious ceremonies to commemorate a death. The funeral process begins the day the death is announced until the burial and even a few days after the burial. The most anticipated moments of the funeral are the interval between the week before and the week after the burial. In the following … Read more

Law of attraction: marketing scam or real virtues?

Law of attraction marketing scam or real virtues

The law of attraction is a practice gathering more and more followers. If its success is no longer to be proven with its defenders, others think that the business developed around this method is not always benevolent. Is the law of attraction a pure marketing scam or does it have real virtues? The law of … Read more

Léna Situations: the influencer victim of a scam on her return to Los Angeles? – Here is

Lena Situations the influencer victim of a scam on her

Léna Situations has just taken an icy shower. The influencer returned to Los Angeles on June 7, and discovered that her apartment had just been rented to someone else. A scam that she hastened to tell on Instagram. Los Angeles, she dreamed of it, she did it! On Sunday April 10, Léna Situations announced to … Read more