Rami Malek: “My agent spends his time telling me: ‘Shut up Rami, you talk too much!'”

Rami Malek My agent spends his time telling me Shut

Oscar-winning actor, subscriber to non-standard roles, he remains as amazed as when he started. Meeting in Paris with a model artist, ambassador of Cartier’s French Tank. Rami Malek enters and the room – a vast suite of a Parisian palace – becomes too small. Not that he imposes himself in a celebrity way: it’s the … Read more

What theater and what culture will we talk about? Message from Jawad al-Asadi on the occasion of Arab Theater Day

15 combinations of signs to form the perfect couple

Hello, the scent of wood in our first home and shelter.Hello, the stage is my refuge, my shelter, my boat and my bridge to you.Hello to the paths of regret and forty years of forced exile on the sidewalks of cultures.Hello to the applause emanating from the hiss of wounds, the spark of amazement, the … Read more

“Talk to her”, on Ciné + Club: Marco and Benigno, two men at the bedside of their beloved

Talk to her on Cine Club Marco and Benigno

Marco (Dario Grandinetti) and Benigno (Javier Camara) in “Talk to Her”, by Pedro Almodovar. PATHÉ DISTRIBUTION CINÉ+ CLUB – SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6 AT 8:50 P.M. – FILM It is the story of a friendship between two men, sealed at the bedside of a woman ravished by death. It is also a chronicle of amorous passion … Read more

Who takes the time to talk to children about death?

Who takes the time to talk to children about death

An opinion from Marthe Mahieu, former principal of a secondary school Halloween… Between the start of the school year and Saint-Nicolas, the opportunity to sell expensive bric-a-brac of horrors that have become unavoidable is opportunely inserted in supermarkets: skeletons, witches and cobwebs surround the sneering pumpkins of all sizes. Some deplore the abandonment of our … Read more

Animals. Absurd to talk to your pet? 91% of French people do it

Bill Callahan Thomas Kahn Pixies Alexis HK… Notre selection musicale

Talking to your pet, considering it as a member of the family, even as a child, letting it sleep in our bed: the box brand for dogs Woufbox published the results of a survey* carried out with a panel of BuzzPress respondents, on the relationship of the French with their animals. A relationship as strong … Read more

Jon Voight and Sean McNamara talk about the dangerous game: The Legacy Murders | Pretty Reel

Jon Voight and Sean McNamara talk about the dangerous game

ComingSoon editor Tyler Treese spoke to Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders director Sean McNamara and star Jon Voight about the mystery horror flick, which is out today in select theaters and digitally. RELATED: Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders Digital Code Giveaway for Jon Voight-Directed Thriller “Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Academy Award-winning Jon Voight star in … Read more

In the Assistant Editor’s Notebook | You don’t have to talk about it

Experience authentique a Tulum

There may not have been a “ballot box issue” in the last Quebec elections, but we can say that the CAQ worked hard to impose a “ballot box issue”, that of immigration. Posted at 5:00 a.m. For better and for worse. Because the problem with this identity debate is that it unfortunately tends to bring … Read more

Samsung is going to talk a lot about health and wellness at its Unpacked event

Samsung is going to talk a lot about health and

Samsung is hyping up its next big event. And with Unpacked 2022 a week away, the company decided to look back on some of its recent accomplishments and reflect on its philosophy regarding Samsung Health. The Samsung Unpacked event takes place next week and Samsung found thatshe will unveil some new features for Samsung Health … Read more

We don’t talk about Bruno hiding his real tragedy – CNET – ApparelGeek

Besides being one of Disney’s catchiest songs Charm, “We are not talking about Bruno” also hides the greatest tragedy of the unmentioned uncle. The film opened to a limited theatrical release before receiving critical and cultural acclaim upon its release on the Disney+ streaming service. Maybe CharmThe biggest hit from, the original songs and score, … Read more