Animation – The Night of Sorcerers, in Bué, takes up the torch after two years of absence

Book The great minds of the Revolution meet

It is well known, the deep Berry is full of centuries-old stories of witchcraft, which continue to feed a folklore that is, to say the least, alive. Since 1946, in Bué, the Night of the Sorcerers has been celebrated in this way, which recalls the half-fantastic, half-real times when witches and birettes met, the Sabbath … Read more

Which Torch character are you based on your zodiac sign? | Topito

The Le Flambeau series is filled with characters who perfectly represent our society. But here is completely unsourced information: each character was created according to an astrological sign. It is therefore appropriate to judge your astro sign according to the character assigned to you. 1. Aries: Chataléré Just like Chacha, if there’s one thing Aries … Read more