If you sleep in this position every night, you increase your risk of back pain | So Busy Girls

If you sleep in this position every night you increase

We all have one preferred sleeping position, and instinctively, from night to night, it’s the one we adopt without even asking ourselves a question. However, the position in which we sleep has a real impact on our health. To avoid negative consequences and capitalize on the best positions for sleepingdiscover right away the position to … Read more

Brazil | Magical and mystical night to end Rio Carnival in style

Brazil Magical and mystical night to end Rio Carnival

(Rio de Janeiro) Giant elephants on majestic floats, baobabs, black superheroes: the Rio Carnival parades ended on Sunday, celebrating the African roots of Brazil, for the return of the festivities after two long years of waiting. Posted April 24 Louis GENOT France Media Agency The irrepressible urge to party was evident in this country which … Read more

Fall asleep quickly: Here are 5 techniques to spend a quiet night without sleep problems

Fall asleep quickly Here are 5 techniques to spend a

It’s normal to take about 10-20 minutes to drift off to sleep. However, if you’ve ever struggled with insomnia, you might be wondering how to fall asleep fast. Although your specific characteristics and needs may influence your habits, putting a few proven methods into practice can ensure a calm and restorative night. We are going … Read more

Etna in eruption: mystical fury in the Sicilian night

Etna in eruption mystical fury in the Sicilian night

Lava lights up the night, in the town of Milo, in the Catania region of Sicily. On February 21, the Etna volcano, 3,300 meters high, was immortalized in eruption by a photographer from the Italian agency Ansa whose name we do not know. In the dark night, the lava seems to consume this house. It’s … Read more

Review – Our Part of Night (Mariana Enriquez): A dizzying dive into the darkness..

Review Our Part of Night Mariana Enriquez A dizzying

We liked – An exciting novel.-Fantastic and supernatural Lovecraftian and so much more..-A fascinating portrait of Argentina.-A hymn to life and freedom.– Intense and striking characters.-A family fresco filled with symbolism and power. We didn’t like You are serious?! Monumental, Mariana Enriquez’s latest novel is a monster-book, hence this inevitable chronicle! Born in 1973 in … Read more

2022 World Athletics Championships: the United States kings of the 100m and shot put, the frustrated long jump champion … What you may have missed this night

2022 World Athletics Championships the United States kings of the

The second day of the world championships was marked by the men’s 100m, won by Fred Kerley on Saturday July 16 in Eugene, Oregon. The American beat two of his compatriots, a few minutes after shot putter Chase Ealey’s feat. In the long jump, the Olympic champion Miltiadis Tentoglou was capped by the surprising Jianan … Read more

At night, the French often dream of cheating on their partner

1660043440 At night the French often dream of cheating on their

According to a survey by Sleep Seeker carried out last June, most French people go “see elsewhere” during the night. Indeed, erotic dreams take the form of adultery and say a lot about the married life of men and women. Can we reasonably attribute to our dreams an impact on our lives? Does dreaming of … Read more

Biblical meditation: Believing in the middle of the night, in joy

What does the Labbe law say about the ban on

Sunday August 7, 2022, four texts will be read.First reading Book of Wisdom (Wis 18, 6-9).Psalm 32.Second reading Letter to the Hebrews (Heb 11, 1-2.8-19).The Gospel according to Saint Luke (Lk 12, 32,48). Luke 12, 32-48 At that time, Jesus said to his disciples:“Do not be afraid, little flock: your Fatherhas seen fit to give … Read more