Azrael Takes On Shocking New Form As Gotham’s Old Testament Angel | Pretty Reel

New Manga Proves Reincarnation Is The Genres Worst New Trend

Besides being beautifully terrifying, this new angelic form signals the start of a new era for Jean-Paul Valley and Azrael the Avenging Angel. Finally, Azrael has revealed his true form as Jean-Paul Valley finally accepts his role as Gotham’s avenging angel. Throughout his history, Jean-Paul resisted Azrael’s conditioning, believing himself to be separate from the … Read more

At the heart of the order of the solar temple: the shocking documentary La Secte is to be seen on Salto

At the heart of the order of the solar temple

As of today, the shocking documentary series “La Secte” is available on Salto. It reveals the sectarian spiral of the order of the solar temple which led to more than 70 people to their deaths in the 90s. So, is it worth a look? WHAT IS IT ABOUT ? 30 years after the affair of … Read more

The Voice Kids: Nael, 11, has a rare disease, his shocking revelations after the terrible reviews!

Alpes de Haute Provence 4th edition of the Verdon relax festival on July

It has been several weeks since TF1 launched the new season of The Voice Kids. And the least we can say is that the emotion is really there This year. Nahel stands out in The Voice Kids For this new season of The Voice Kids, it is Louane, Julien Doré, Patrick Fiori and Kendji Girac … Read more

The shocking life of Elsa Schiaparelli, who shaped today’s fashion industry

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Reading time: 5 mins When it comes to fashion, avant-gardism always involves an element of risk. But it is not always where you expect it. In his memoirs, Lady Glenconner (we were able to meet Princess Margaret’s future lady-in-waiting in the series The Crown) evokes an incident that occurred in the 1940s. The British schoolgirl … Read more