Mayan beliefs, purification of the soul, reincarnation: 50 years in prison for a Brussels man who murdered his children in Spain

The sentence is commensurate with the atrocity of the facts: Gabriel Carvajal, a Belgian national in his thirties, was sentenced Wednesday evening by the Valencia court to twice 25 years in prison, with a maximum incarceration of 40 years. His Spanish partner, Maria Gombau, co-author but considered irresponsible for her actions at the time of … Read more

When science looks at reincarnated children and life after death

It sometimes happens that you have the feeling of knowing a place where you have never set foot… Or you have a gift for drawing or painting, but you are the only one in the family… And if you were a “reincarnated child” ? For more than 50 years, what we call the “reincarnated children” … Read more

Recurrent abdominal pain in children: validated CBTs

Recurrent abdominal pain in children validated CBTs

Paris, France– A meta-analysis of trials on recurrent functional abdominal pain in children and adolescents concludes in favor of cognitive-behavioral therapies and hypnosis for analgesic purposes[1].This publication confirms the data of the literature as well as the practices, as explained by the Dr Marc Bellaichegastro-pediatrician at Robert Debré Hospital (Paris) in this article. Pediatric Functional … Read more

Comics for children: “Arcana”, a divinatory fantasy that plays the Harry Potter card

Comics for children Arcana a divinatory fantasy that plays the

For this very gripping learning story, Serena Blasco was inspired by her passion for tarot and imagined a magical, luminous and fascinating world, above which the shadow of the young wizard of Hogwarts hovers. From 10 years old. Fauna is the happiest of the teenagers: she has just been appointed to become an apprentice to … Read more

Hoomkid: the audio book that will change the daily lives of children

Hoomkid the audio book that will change the daily lives

Children’s sleep is essential and contributes greatly to their well-being and development. It must therefore be of high quality. If your child has difficulty falling asleep, we strongly advise you to try Hoomkid from Livlab. This audio book, without waves or screen, focused on well-being, guides the little ones step by step to the arms … Read more

How can we protect children against the evil eye and witchcraft?

How can we protect children against the evil eye and

By: Tamime Khemmar The protection of the little ones, who cannot invoke their own protection by the prescribed evocations, adhkarmust be performed by those caring for them such as both parents or other guardians. Indeed, it was attested thatIbn VSAbbas (thatAllah accepted) said: “The Prophet[ﷺ] invoked protection for Al-HAssan and AlHousayn and said: “Your ancestor[1] … Read more