Animation – The Night of Sorcerers, in Bué, takes up the torch after two years of absence

It is well known, the deep Berry is full of centuries-old stories of witchcraft, which continue to feed a folklore that is, to say the least, alive. Since 1946, in Bué, the Night of the Sorcerers has been celebrated in this way, which recalls the half-fantastic, half-real times when witches and birettes met, the Sabbath came, and terrorized the villagers of all the surrounding region… Today, the paper figurines that are burned only recall the punishments inflicted, and yet very real, on the figures of black magic.

A 75th edition which arrives after two years of waiting

A dive between two ages, two eras, which is also the occasion for a good-natured party, where it is fun to meet up with regulars, underlines the president of the Abep (the Bueton association for popular education ), Jean-Marc Roblin. The idea is to “find an atmosphere of conviviality, [d’]forget the anxiety-provoking news for a bit” for a summer evening.

All the more so after two years of cancellation because of the pandemic that we know – a first since the beginning of this event, born in 1946. If the conditions generally seem to be in good shape for this edition, the one of them worries Jean-Marc Roblin: drought, a veritable “sword of Damocles”, which could prevent, depending on its evolution, fire-related activities, which are important for the evening.

Relive the 74th Sorcerers’ Night in Bué in pictures

The origin of this festival takes us back to the aftermath of the Second World War. At the very beginning, the village priest wanted to allow the construction of a room where the youth could meet, with a view to festive events. For this, it was necessary to succeed in raising funds. The idea of ​​a fair, on the theme of witchcraft, thus germinated, and this is how the first “Wizards’ Fair” was born, in 1946.

She was accompanied by folk groups and inductions of all kinds. The old name of the event was kept until the turn of the 2010s, when the desire to dust off the party was felt. Today, no more enthronements or folk groups, but many celebrations, always on the theme of witchcraft.

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On the 2022 program, many activities that will delight young and old. The arrival of the public is scheduled from 6 p.m. At 7 p.m., the sorcerers’ aperitif will begin, the recipe for the mysterious beverage of which has been jealously guarded secret for decades. At the same time, the Cabaret Sancerrois show will begin, notably with impressive fire-eaters. For children, inflatable structures are also provided. At around 8 p.m., the meal will begin, with 450 portions of spit-roasted hams. Fast food will also be offered.

Up to 2,000 people expected for the fireworks

Then, if conditions allow, a torchlight descent will take place through the vines, before burning the witch. A fireworks display should follow, around 10:30 p.m., the highlight of the evening, and which hopes to bring together up to 2,000 people. Finally, a ball will be held, hosted by Joël Pasquier, accompanied by a refreshment bar, which will be open until around 3 am.

Practice. The Creux de Marloup is located in the north of the town of Bué. Admission to the festivities is free (torchlight descent, fireworks). The meal with ham on a spit is priced at €20; the sorcerers’ aperitif is also chargeable.

Henry Hautavoine

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Animation – The Night of Sorcerers, in Bué, takes up the torch after two years of absence

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