The Phoenix takes you to the top of the manga at Delcourt

1674322321 The Phoenix takes you to the top of the manga

Osamu Tezuka is a manga reference and he deserved a prestige edition. The editions Delcourt immersed themselves in this work and now offer Phoenix, the firebirdthe favorite saga of the Japanese master. Phoenix, the firebird: a titanic project Unlike other series by screenwriter and illustrator Osamu Tezuka, Phoenix is not a continuous set but a … Read more

Review Vol.1 7th Time Loop – The Villainess Enjoys a Carefree Life – Manga

Review Vol1 7th Time Loop The Villainess Enjoys a

Among isekai and other fantasy titles essentially adapted from light novels, a pattern comes up more and more frequently, to the point of also being used regularly in webtoons: The role of the villain, set up as the protagonist of a story. Very fond of reincarnation series at the heart of medieval-fantasy universes, Meian editions … Read more

Manga : les 15 meilleures nouveautés 2022 – Lecture

Manga les 15 meilleures nouveautes 2022 Lecture

Avec un nombre d’éditeurs manga et de sorties qui a encore crû en 2022, les nouvelles séries et one-shots ont une fois de plus déferlé dans notre hexagone. Et on ne va pas s’en plaindre, bien au contraire. Mais maintenant qu’arrive le temps des fêtes et la fin de l’année, c’est l’heure du coup d’œil … Read more

Les sorties manga et anime de la semaine, 10 Novembre 2022

Les sorties manga et anime de la semaine 10 Novembre

Voici un récapitulatif des séries lancées cette semaine, ainsi que des one-shot, des séries terminées et des nouveautés en animation. Vous pouvez également retrouver notre planning complet en suivant ce lien. Nouvelles séries A Tender Heart / Kbooks Alors qu’elle n’était qu’une simple lectrice, suite à un voeu, une jeune femme se retrouve transportée dans … Read more

TOP Manga to read November (2/2): Yakuza Reincarnation, MMA, etc. – melty

TOP Manga to read November 22 Yakuza Reincarnation MMA etc

By Juliet – Posted on 11 Nov 2022 at 09:00 2022 has been an incredible year for manga with the release of titles like Dandadan or Dai Dark. But what are the titles not to miss at the end of November? Do you also often have trouble knowing which manga to choose from among the … Read more

Manga releases of the week, October 27, 2022

Manga releases of the week October 27 2022

Here’s a recap of the series launched this week, as well as one-shots and series that are coming to an end. You can also find our complete schedule by following this link. New series Choujin X / Glenat In 1998, following the multiplication of superhumans called “choujin”, the world was divided into autonomous provinces. Fifty … Read more