The Solar Plexus Chakra: Take Care of the Action Dimension

The Solar Plexus Chakra Take Care of the Action Dimension

Business Chakras The size of the action; the place of corporate power Its Sanskrit name is Manipura from the Sanskrit mani meaning “gem” and pura meaning “city”. It can be translated as the “city of jewels”. Symbolically, it can be imagined as the place where the “treasure” is found, the jewel that illuminates its environment … Read more

The Woman King: what is this action film about the most famous army of women in the world worth?

1666105636 The Woman King what is this action film about the

Do you really know the Amazons of the ancient kingdom of Dahomey? No matter your answer, you have to watch The Woman King movie. During the colonial conquestthe French soldiers had to face an atypical army, on their arrival in the former Dahomey : an army composed only of women. Today she remains the most … Read more

Case of the “52 billion” scam: justice takes action

Case of the 52 billion scam justice takes action

In recent times, cases of fraud and scams are increasing on social networks in a worrying way. Counterfeit goods, foreign travel, witchcraft… the gangsters of the Net do not lack imagination to trap the most gullible among us. The latest case is that of the fictitious company, BLB Finances, whose case is being heard by … Read more

Bishop Daddy Schekina: The Holy Spirit in action or “techniques”?

Bishop Daddy Schekina The Holy Spirit in action or techniques

This boy weaves his web with two gigantic spaces in Abidjan. One in Bessikoi behind Angré, and the other at Km17 at the exit of Yopougon. This space is not yet built. For the moment, it is a huge tarp deployed, which can shelter 60,000 people according to those around the man. The purchase of … Read more

A government of action, a shooting in Oslo and the sanctions of the G7

The news no longer connects you and your weekend was devoted to meditation? Don’t panic, 20 Minutes gives you a summary of the weekend’s news every Sunday evening. 1-Adrien Quatennens (LFI) says no to participation in a “government of action” The number 2 of La France insoumise affirmed that there was “no possible arrangement” with … Read more