The Greens return to war against the “illusion” of nuclear power – Teller Report

1674756239 The Greens return to war against the illusion of nuclear

“The nuclear lobby has won a battle, but…it will lose the war!”. The Greens don’t be cunning with this immediate observation: by getting too lost in ego quarrels, surreal delusions and other macho witchcraft trials, they have too much deserted the fight against “the Nuk” as they say. And left the field to the “nuclear … Read more

“Tar”, film on power or “misogynist” portrait of a conductor?

Tar film on power or misogynist portrait of a conductor

Published on : 01/15/2023 – 05:52Modified : 01/15/2023 – 05:50 Paris (AFP) – It’s a role for which Cate Blanchett could win her third Oscar, but her character as a toxic conductor in the feature film “Tar” angered Marin Alsop, a pioneering “maestra”, who saw it as a portrait ” misogynist”. Todd Field’s film is … Read more

Here’s to the unfairly underrated power of orgasm

Heres to the unfairly underrated power of orgasm

The orgasm, final bouquet of the pleasures of the flesh, is capable of sending us waltzing to another planet, both literally and figuratively. In any case, this is what a new TikTok phenomenon, called “method O”, implies, sex magick or manifestation by orgasm. This trend aligned with esotericism suggests seizing the magic of orgasm to … Read more

The O Method: the promise of realizing your dreams through the power of orgasm

The O Method the promise of realizing your dreams through

TikTok’s latest craze, whose users are ecstatically raving about its merits, the O method promises to achieve wishes through the power of orgasm. “The power of orgasm”, yes. And the formula is not ours, but rather hordes of converts who sing the praises of the O method and its pleasurable effects. The principle? The “orgasmic … Read more

Gwyneth Paltrow: “The world will be a better place if women have access to capital and power”

Gwyneth Paltrow The world will be a better place if

Posted Dec 16 2022 at 6:06 Gwyneth Paltrow reveals to the “Echos” some of her sources of well-being, from Pilates to the sauna, from walking to Japanese whisky. You are the head of a company of 200 people estimated at 390 million dollars. What makes you most proud on a daily basis? For having created … Read more

New Octo Power at Seimi, simple is beautifull –

New Octo Power at Seimi simple is beautifull BoatingActucom

Seimi distributes the energy production, management and conservation brand Whisper Power. In the Whisper Power range, the Octo Power represent modular solutions for energy autonomy allowing pleasure boats to do without a generator. This range expands considerably to cover all lengths of pleasure craft. Whisper Power Octo Power 6 Octo Power, what is it? octo-power … Read more

X-Men: Moira’s Mutant Power Creates A Plot Hole Of An Age Of Apocalypse | Pretty Reel

X Men Moiras Mutant Power Creates A Plot Hole Of An

Throughout the majority of her X-Men comic book career, Moira MacTaggert was a human geneticist and a longtime friend and ally of Professor Charles Xavier, but that all changed when Dawn of X launched. who rewrote Moira’s entire life and gave her a mutant. powers – and while it’s an undeniably awesome new direction to … Read more

Black Clover Finally Reveals Sister Lily’s True Power | Pretty Reel

Black Clover Finally Reveals Sister Lilys True Power Pretty

As of Black Clover Chapter 344, Sister Lily is about to take part in her first full fight, with the caveat being that she’s not really herself. Although transformed into a Paladin, Sister Lily will no doubt soon show her true powers in her first full-fledged battle against Asta in the upcoming chapters of Black … Read more