Here’s the Controlled Breathing Exercise That Will Noticeably Improve Your Mood, Researchers Reveal

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Research has shown that deep breathing is a relaxation aid, reminding the body of a previously experienced state of relaxation. Thus, breathing deeply is a simple and quick way to lower the level of stress felt: this practice sends a message to the brain to calm and relax. The brain then sends this same message … Read more

Spirotherapy: what is this breathing technique that allows (among other things) to better digest?

Spirotherapy what is this breathing technique that allows among other

A method based on breathing techniques derived (in particular) from yoga, spirotherapy improves well-being and oxygenation, calms down or regains energy… we tell you all about this simple and powerful technique. . As we know, breathing is at the heart of life, and accompanies us “from our first to our last breath.” However, even if … Read more

Prana yoga: the mastery of energies through breathing

Prana yoga the mastery of energies through breathing

Prana can be translated as “vital energy”, “breath of life” or “vital principle”. This term is used in yogic teachings as a general reference to the manifest energy of the entire universe. The breath is considered the most subtle form of prana in our body, which is why it is most often featured in yoga … Read more

4-7-8 method: a calming breathing technique in the most stressful moments

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When you’re having trouble falling asleep, there’s a simple breathing technique you can use to calm your mind and body in just minutes. Known as the 4-7-8 breathing method, this relaxing breathing technique was developed by Andrew Weil, MD, professor of medicine and public health. The 4-7-8 breathing technique comes from the ancient yogic tradition … Read more

Breathwork: definition of anti-stress breathing meditation

Breathwork definition of anti stress breathing meditation

In the world of work, under the weight of responsibilities and pressure in this period of economic crisis, stress and anxiety are affecting more and more employees, particularly in job change period. HR managers, office managers or chief happiness officers are multiplying initiatives to improve the well-being of employees: yoga, combat sports session, osteopath, massage … Read more

Breathing can measurably modulate neural responses in the brain

Breathing can measurably modulate neural responses in the brain

Summary: The study reveals a possible link between breathing and changes in neuronal activity in animal models. The source: state of pennsylvania Mental health practitioners and meditation gurus have long credited intentional breathing with the ability to bring inner calm, but scientists don’t fully understand how the brain is involved in this process. Using functional … Read more

How Breathing Meditation Improves and Stabilizes Your State of Mind, According to Science

Buddhists and followers of yoga have long and often touted the benefits of using simple breathing practices to better focus attention and improve calm. Finally, some 2,500 years later, scientists are trying to catch up. A study from Trinity College Dublin showed how breath-focused meditation and yogic breathing practices seem to improve people’s attention and … Read more

Pranayama: the unsuspected benefits of alternate breathing

Pranayama the unsuspected benefits of alternate breathing

To practice yoga well, you must not forget to work on pranayama, in other words: breathing. Spotlight on alternate breathing which brings wonderful benefits. Summary With the poses, the pranayama, which means “breath control”, is one of the eight pillars of yoga. It is essential when one wants to practice yoga correctly and reap all … Read more

The secrets of ancestral Tibetan breathing: the Tummo

The secrets of ancestral Tibetan breathing the Tummo

Tummo Breathing is a form of meditation that uses a mixture of breathing and visualization techniques. Meditators use it to enter a deep state of meditation. When practiced by experts, tummo breathing can raise body temperature. Meditation is a practice that people can use to improve their health and well-being. Several types of meditation use … Read more