Sophrology, meditation, …: David Goffin’s routine to shine on the tennis courts

These angels who fascinate us

One afternoon in 2017, in the Antwerp suburbs, we found David Goffin in city mode but on the edges of a tennis court. At the time, he had just re-entered the World Top 10. Accessible although reserved, he lent himself to the lifestyle interview game with a smile. It must be said that it was … Read more

Yoga and sophrology classes. Recharge your batteries at the foot of the slag heaps this summer

Yoga and sophrology classes Recharge your batteries at the foot

By Hervine Mahaud Published on 3 Jul 22 at 16:06 updated on 3 Jul 22 at 16:06 News Pas-de-Calais See my news Follow this media This summer, yoga and sophrology sessions are organized at the foot of the Pas-de-Calais slag heaps. (©Lens-Liévin Tourism) The Pas-de-Calais slag heaps are definitely an inexhaustible playground. After skiing and … Read more

Wutao, sophrology, yoga… these disciplines that reconcile body and mind

Soul awakening & dance If the wutao was created, it is not by chance! Cécile Bercegeay, teacher, explains: “ In addition to working on their bodies, the founders wanted to go beyond their emotions, their inspirations, their thoughts. As a result, wutao is a body art centered on the spine, where one evolves in a … Read more

Aude: yoga, meditation, sophrology… the boom in well-being practices to reconnect with oneself

Aude yoga meditation sophrology the boom in well being practices to

Stressed, anxious and saturated with multiple solicitations, more and more people from Aude are trying to “slow down and reconnect with themselves”. Relaxation institutes, mindfulness meditation centers, sophrology practice, yoga, qi gong: so many ways to achieve this. But what can all these techniques bring – concretely – to those who practice them? We asked … Read more