The benefits of Vipassana meditation for body and mind

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Vipassana meditation is an art of living whose goal is to be at peace with oneself in order to be at peace with the rest of the world. Practiced daily, it also has many benefits for the body and mind.

What is Vipassana meditation?

Vipassana meditation is the oldest meditation practiced in buddhism in Indiawhere she became a true art of living. It’s a mediation in mindfulnesslike a trip with the aim ofexplore your inner world to calm the mind, find your center and access inner peace. “It is a secular meditation based on breath and body awareness., says Arpit Mittal, naturopath, Ayurveda practitioner and yoga teacher. Vipassana meditation retreats are regularly organized in Auxerre by the Dahamma Mahi association, founded by Satya Narayan Goenka.

The origin of Vipassana meditation

More than 2,500 years ago, Gotama had everything to be happy, but was not. So he decided to retire and meditate to find inner peace. “He led a meditative life for many years and gained knowledge of what is the root of all suffering in the world. Since then he has become Gotama the Buddha”, says Arpit Mittal. He then decided to teach everyone the technique of Vipasanna meditation, making it clear that it’s not against religion.

Vipassana meditation is practiced seatedregardless of the position (in lotus, cross-legged, on a chair, etc.) and eyes closed and in silence for maximum concentration during the experience. It does not require any movements. At its beginning, the session, or the course, begins in the first part with breathing exercises in full awareness where the meditator observes in its center his abdomen inflating, then emptying. In particular, it is possible to exhale for a count of four, then to hold your breath again with your swollen abdomen for four beats. In both cases, the objective of this technique is to direct one’s attention to one’s breathing. Gradually, it is a question, thanks to breathing exercises, of succeed in focusing on the sensations felt by the body, and to connect with oneself and one’s mind. To access contemplation.

To note that some songs or sounds of tibetan bowls can invite you to travel and help refocus your mind, to enter more easily into the practice of meditation. And if something distracts you, the technique is simple in theory: observe the object of your distraction, then resume the course of your exercises and your concentration.

“Vipassana Meditation ask to be diligent. Often people tell me that they can’t meditate because they are overwhelmed with thoughts. But Buddha in India did say that we all have potential within us.. You have to take this path to progress. If you manage to calm your mind a little more than usual, it’s already a step in the right direction. It’s necessary agree to go at your own pace and continue the practice. In the same way, even if you regress, you should not not give up”insists Arpit Mittal.

What are the benefits of Vipassana meditation?

“The mind sometimes acts like a monkey jumping from branch to branch for no reason. It jumps from one thought to another unable to concentrate for more than a few seconds and it can end up being trying”, illustrates Arpit Mittal. Attention is placed at the center of the experience. Meditating according to the Vipassana method brings more than one benefit, it is learn to focus, calm your mind and be more present. So, as soon as the brain begins to wander, a simple breathing exercise can bring us back to the present moment and focus.

The benefits of Vipassana meditation would therefore be multiple:

  • Help to focusto strengthen his mind and therefore to be more efficient in one’s work ;
  • Being more in the present moment, in sensations and in awakening, in your everyday life;
  • Reduce the stress and anxiety ;
  • sleep betterbetter enjoy your nights ;
  • Better digest also, because when you ruminate a lot, digestion is not done well. Besides, meditation is recommended as part of a slimming diet ;
  • Better manage pain and tension in all the body ;
  • Reduce tension headaches : a study has indeed shown the beneficial effects of this meditation on this pain;
  • be happier : Vipassana meditation improves feelings of well-being during the day;
  • Find inner peace.

Meditation would also virtues on sexuality.

Where to do a Vipassana retreat in France?

To learn how to practice Vipassana meditation, budding meditators are advised to do a ten-day retreat. For this, there is no need to undertake a trip to India: there are several centers in France, but the best known school is that ofDhamma Mahi Associationfounded by Satya Narayan Goenka, based in Auxerre. “Everyone is welcomed there, whatever their religion, culture or financial means, since everyone gives what they can”says Arpit Mittal.

During these ten daysthe teaching will be progressive from morning to evening, to allow to discover how the mind works and D’learn to accept things as they are. The meditation will first be very guided in class, with the accompaniment of words and songs, then as the practitioners manage to perceive the sensations which pass through their body during this experience and to master their concentration, the practice of meditation will be more free.

To note that telephone, music and books are not allowed in the Dhamma Mahi school for not diverting attention from oneself. Usually, meditators don’t talk to each other either. The silence of the person is a key element.

“These ten days may not immediately change your life, warns Arpit Mittal. But after this experience, you will leave with this concentration tool for life which, practiced daily, even from your bedroom, will allow you to gradually come to peace with yourself.”

Dhamma Mahi also organizes lessons and day coursesespecially in the Paris region, or offers to meditate abroad during a trip.

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The benefits of Vipassana meditation for body and mind

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