Breathwork: definition of anti-stress breathing meditation

Breathwork definition of anti stress breathing meditation

In the world of work, under the weight of responsibilities and pressure in this period of economic crisis, stress and anxiety are affecting more and more employees, particularly in job change period. HR managers, office managers or chief happiness officers are multiplying initiatives to improve the well-being of employees: yoga, combat sports session, osteopath, massage … Read more

Sound therapy: definition, indications, course of sessions, precautions

Sound therapy definition indications course of sessions precautions

As its name suggests, sound therapy uses sounds and vibrations from voices, drums, singing bowls, gongs or tuning forks to soothe the mind and body. This ancestral practice is being used more and more regularly in our yoga, relaxation or meditation. We tell you more. Sound therapy is also known as sound therapy, sound yoga, … Read more

πŸ”Ž Otherkin – Definition and Explanations

Otherkin Definition and

Introduction A regular heptagram 7/3, known as Elven Star (elvish star) or Fairy Star (fairy star) is used by some members of the otherkin subculture to identify themselves The otherkin form a subculture of people who somehow identify as non-human. The group originally grew out of a community Internet (Internet is the global computer network … Read more

Meditation: definition, different types, benefits, meditation in practice

Meditation definition different types benefits meditation in practice

Published on 05/11/2022 at 00:01 Updated 05/11/2022 at 00:01 in collaboration with Catherine Muzellec (psychomotrician and mindfulness meditation instructor) A thousand-year-old Eastern tradition, meditation comes in many variations, and has been a real craze in the West for several decades. What are the different types? What are its benefits ? How to practice it? What … Read more

Hematophobia: definition, symptoms, how to overcome the fear of blood?

The knotted throat, palpitations, an irrepressible urge to vomit, to end up falling backwards feeling unwell… Blood phobia, also known as hematophobia, can hit hard. Those affected usually experience all the symptoms of an anxiety attack. This disorder can indeed give rise to anxious reactions which complicate – to say the least – practical life … Read more

Ouija, definition and origins of the table or divinatory board

Ouija definition and origins of the table or divinatory board

A wooden board allowing communication with spirits, the Ouija board is an object of parapsychology. Introduction Object used by many believers in the supernatural and the paranormalthe Ouija allows communicate with spirits. The name comes from French yes and German yeabecause it isa first response given by a spirit when asked if it is there. … Read more