Comment résister à la manipulation new age ? La créatrice du podcast Meta de Choc nous répond

Astrologie, sorcellerie, pensée positive… Les tendances héritées du new age ont le vent en poupe. Le podcast d’Elisabeth Feytit dissèque nos croyances modernes et nous explique pourquoi elles sont si séduisantes, et parfois dangereuses. Interview. Un beau jour, mes réseaux sociaux se sont peuplés de références aux signes astrologiques. L’horoscope, ce truc longtemps ringard, réservé … Read more

Greek horses in the digital age – Arts – Culture

Greek horses in the digital age Arts Culture

Under the title The Myth of 99the Egyptian visual artist Dina Fahmy El-Rouby exhibits 99 paintings, figurative and abstract, at the gallery Cleg, taking different figures of horses. For her first solo exhibition, the artist, who is one of the owners of the gallery, has chosen to immerse us in the world of Greek mythology, … Read more

Why exercise after 60? Our advice for adapting your sports routine to your age and staying in shape

Why exercise after 60 Our advice for adapting your sports

Because very often the transition from one age group to another age group requires changing your sports routine, the editorial staff of gives you some tips on how to do sports after 60 years. Follow our guide! How to exercise after sixty and at what intensity? If you are a seasoned athlete and have … Read more

Neo-shamanism, “Indigo Child”, “channeling”… The health crisis confirms the great return of New Age excesses

In fact, MIVILUDES points out that “The health crisis had an immediate impact, observable through referrals, more than a hundred of which relate to situations related to the subject. » Coaches, “traditional doctors”, and other gurus of all kinds have proved to be particularly skilled in exploiting the vulnerability of part of the population, adjusting … Read more