TikTok generation, “toctoc” generation? Survey on the misinformation of young people and their relationship to science and the paranormal in the age of social networks – IFOP

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At a time when TikTok is establishing itself as the favorite social network of young French people, what do we know about the impact of this platform on its users, who are more and more likely to use it for entertainment but also for get informed? While the health crisis has been fertile ground for … Read more

Clairvoyance, witchcraft, EMI: these stars who believe in the paranormal!

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The world of the paranormal is vast! A kind of catch-all where we cross different kinds of beliefs between ghost hunters, fortune tellers, spell-casting gurus, fervent believers in reincarnation… not to mention UFO trackers and other monsters, such as that of the Loch Ness or the Yeti! And some celebrities, eager to go see what … Read more

Voyance, sorcellerie: Paranormal activity

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«“Al Barouk, Al Barouk Bouya Omar’’ hurlent les hautparleurs des commerçants de ces objets bénis, imprégnés de baraka, qui ont installé leurs stands autour du mausolée. Pendant que le brouhaha des festivités de Aïd el Miloud résonne, la gorge du taureau offert au saint est inclinée en direction de la Mecque. Le sang jaillit sous … Read more