Hunting for wizard skulls in Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery — Chapter 2

In Conan Exiles, you explore and survive in a vast open world full of ancient ruins, dark sorceries, and savage peoples. With the monumental The age of witchcraft free update, we have fulfilled the Sword & Sorcery promise that is at the heart of Conan the Barbarian introducing the sorcery system for players to bend to their will.

With The Age of Sorcery — Chapter 2, the Exiled Lands continue to evolve with more adventures and dangers to discover than ever before. As a sandbox survival game, we want players to feel the world is full of places to explore, mysteries to uncover, and challenges to overcome.

In the years since Conan Exiles launched, we’ve been continuously adding free content like this, expanding the map and what you do there, and we have no intention of slowing down. Today we would like to introduce you to some of the new features and activities that you can experience in Chapter 2.

Head hunter

In today’s update we continue what started in the first chapter of The age of witchcraft. The rise of sorcery has not gone unnoticed in the Exiled Lands, and there are those who seek to control this virulent new power. You can find these strange people to start your new headhunting career. Their camps can be found in various locations.

Once you talk to them, you will be tasked with hunting down the wizarding NPCs who are spreading their vile influence across the land. It’s up to you to find them, then kill or incapacitate them to bring them back dead or alive. The reward for a living wizard is higher, but a skull will also do. If we ever find ourselves at a crossroads as to which direction content should go, the answer comes easily when we ask, “What would Conan do?” (in this case, hunting wizards).

Effective headhunters are rewarded with valuable resources, new armor pieces, and more.

Witch hunt encounter

When we went out The age of witchcraft, we’ve introduced several new random encounters to the world. In Chapter 2, face four different boss level wizards in witch hunt encounter. Each of the four has a different look and set of spells, so you better be prepared. These wizards are far more powerful than any others you may encounter, but the rewards for bringing one reflect that.


New Battle Pass and Bazaar Cosmetics

Along with the new chapter comes a new Battle Pass packed with cosmetics, as well as new additions to the Bazaar Item Shop. Any paid content like this is strictly limited to cosmetics. Equip new armor and weapon skins, raise grand cathedrals with the expanded Stormglass building set, and decorate your base with a whole range of new items, such as the Sinister Cursed Tree and Maze Hedges. New Challenges related to the Free Headhunting and Witch Hunt Encounter have also been introduced to help progress through the Battle Pass.

Conan Exiles and The Age of Sorcery — Chapter 2 is now available for purchase from the Microsoft Store. It is also available with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. Get the latest news and join the community on the official website, Twitterand Facebook.

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Hunting for wizard skulls in Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery — Chapter 2

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