The DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine partner of the national survey on actors and actions in the field of Art and Science

The DRAC Nouvelle Aquitaine partner of the national survey on actors

In recent years, the emergence of the Arts and Sciences field has concerned a growing number of actors and networks in France. This is particularly the case in New Aquitaine where many structures (artistic teams and higher education establishments) participate in the development of scientific, technical and industrial cultural policies (CSTI). Among the latter, we … Read more

How Breathing Meditation Improves and Stabilizes Your State of Mind, According to Science

How Breathing Meditation Improves and Stabilizes Your State of Mind

Buddhists and yoga proponents have long and often touted the benefits of using simple breathing practices to better focus your attention and improve your calm. Finally, some 2,500 years later, scientists are trying to catch up. A study from Trinity College Dublin showed how breath-focused meditation and yogic breathing practices seem to improve people’s attention … Read more

To ponder – What is an altered state of consciousness? 🧘 β‹… Inserm, Science for health

To ponder What is an altered state of consciousness

A small “absence”, an intense daydream or even a hallucination: almost everyone has already experienced an altered state of consciousness. Spontaneously or provoked, the activity of our brain can indeed place us in a mental state different from ordinary awakening. And if some of these states are pathological, others have positive, even therapeutic effects! It … Read more

Sapiens: Shamanic Science Fantasy (in your garden) – Geek Tribes

1656618875 Alpes de Haute Provence 4th edition of the Verdon relax festival on July

Today, the ancients are just a memory, a world of ruins covered by vegetation. Now is the time of the Sapiens. What is this jdr? In the distant future we, the Ancients, have disappeared, giving way to the Sapiens. Six species each with three variants are playable. Humanoids dog, snake, bird, deer, insect and fish. … Read more

In science, the shining example of black holes

Quelques types de sport a pratiquer en cas de fatigue

And if the most important thing, for a researcher, was not to remove uncertainty but to take pleasure in playing with… If there’s one thing physicists agree on, it’s that matter is missing. The American astronomer Vera Rubin showed this in the 1970s by observing the rotation of galaxies: she measured that the stars located … Read more

Wright, Slafkovsky or Cooley? | What science says

Wright Slafkovsky or Cooley What science says

The first, a 17-year-old Canadian forward, came close to a 100-point season in junior. The second, a giant format winger from the Finnish Liiga, has dominated his opponents in international tournaments. Posted yesterday at 7:45 a.m. Shane Wright and Juraj Slafkovsky? Well seen. But these definitions also apply to two gifted individuals drafted one after … Read more

Science and religion as friendly brothers? – The mail

Science and religion as friendly brothers The mail

Do Zen Buddhism and quantum mechanics explore the same reality? Would their tools – meditation for the first, observation and logic for the second – lead to similar discoveries? Elementary particle physicist and Zen monk, Vincent Keisen Vuillemin has just published Zen and quantum physics. When a monk encounters the Higgs boson. He suggests that … Read more

When science looks at reincarnated children and life after death

It sometimes happens that you have the feeling of knowing a place where you have never set foot… Or you have a gift for drawing or painting, but you are the only one in the family… And if you were a “reincarnated child” ? For more than 50 years, what we call the “reincarnated children” … Read more