The battle for light by Valentin Retz: A sorcery

The battle for light by Valentin Retz A sorcery

Un physically unsettling, stylistically stunning and spiritually uplifting book. Let’s not cut corners when talking about Valentin Retz’s new novel, which seems like his three previous ones (Great Art, Double and Perfect Black) in Gallimard’s L’Infini collection, so rare is it to read a literary work of such magnitude. A narrator accompanies his nephew to … Read more

All Sorcery Scroll Locations (Witch Sellen) – GameSpot

The Witch Sellen is an NPC selling Ring of Elden which will provide tarnished ones wishing to master the arcane arts with new sorcery spells in exchange for runes. When the protagonist first encounters her, the number of sorceries she sells is somewhat limited. However, by finding three sorcery scrolls hidden on the world map … Read more

Mauve: Flaming Sorcery at Rue de Sèvres Editions –

Mauve Flaming Sorcery at Rue de Sevres Editions

Even more so when a foreigner, named Mauve, arrives at college. Everything is falling apart! As if the entire town had something to blame on two families in particular!! Evil has taken place and it will take courage and “magical” unity to discover the truth… Mauve, third part of a bewitching youth and pre-adolescent series, … Read more