TikTok generation, “toctoc” generation? Survey on the misinformation of young people and their relationship to science and the paranormal in the age of social networks – IFOP

ITA Airways strengthens its Italy Algeria flight program

At a time when TikTok is establishing itself as the favorite social network of young French people, what do we know about the impact of this platform on its users, who are more and more likely to use it for entertainment but also for get informed? While the health crisis has been fertile ground for … Read more

What is the best zodiac sign to be in a relationship with (for a lifelong relationship)?

10 apps that will help you keep your New Years

You would like the year 2023 to be the year of a beautiful encounter ? Finding THE right person is not easy and you have doubts about the one you have just met. Is she your soul mate? According to an astrological guide on love compatibilityhere are the astrological signs you should bet on. Taurus, … Read more

Anisha Star Academy: the secrets of the winner on her relationship with Léa

Yoga of sound when singing takes a relaxing turn

© Anisha Star Academy: the winner’s secrets about her relationship with Léa – Source: Capture TF1 See See no more the table of contents The big winner of the tenth season of the famous TF1 telecrochet, Star Academy, gave an exclusive interview to our colleagues from Pure People. Indeed, Anisha (star Academy) talked about his … Read more

The Love Relationship Of These 3 Zodiac Couples Will Last Forever, According To Astrology

The Love Relationship Of These 3 Zodiac Couples Will Last

Have a couple relationship dreams, full of tenderness, passion and consideration, is something that almost all human beings aspire to. But unfortunately, this is not always easy to achieve. And if the world is full of great people, compatibility in love is not guaranteed. But there are astral combinations that never fail, and once together … Read more

Astrology: here are the signs of the zodiac in a relationship that never argue

Astrology here are the signs of the zodiac in a

Astrology can be very adamant with certain aspects of character. We all agree that each astrological sign has its own well-defined personality. Some of them are gentle, docile and friendly. Others are more dominant. Find out here which signs are a real cream when it comes to living together! Before the stars, we are not … Read more

Kevin Guedj makes Carla Moreau mad with rage by getting into a relationship with a candidate from the Fifty!

Kevin Guedj makes Carla Moreau mad with rage by getting

Since his separation with Carla Moreau, Kevin Guedj has fun. According to bloggers, he is already going out with a candidate from the Fifty! Has Kevin Guedj become the jaguar he once was? According to bloggers, he has already turned the page! He was seen in a hotel in Aix-en-Provence in the company of a … Read more

Are you confident in your relationship with God?

Are you confident in your relationship with God

Sread the scriptures Praise him for his great deeds, praise him for his immense greatness! (…) Let everything that lives praise the Eternal! Praise the Lord! Psalm 150.2-6 In 1735, Englishmen John and Charles Wesley were sent by their church to America as emissaries. What were their qualifications? They had been given this assignment because … Read more

Psychology: 10 Reasons Chronic Complaints Can Destroy Any Relationship

1667872687 Psychology 10 Reasons Chronic Complaints Can Destroy Any Relationship

A study of the Psychoanalytical Review reveals that some people can develop an addiction to negativity. As with other psychological and physical addictions, chronic complaints can weaken or even destroy relationships. Researchers from Clemson University also found constant complaints can alter a person’s brain. Here are ten reasons why chronic complaints can ruin any relationship. … Read more

“In oncology, the relationship of trust is essential”

Astrology The life of these horoscope signs will experience a

Integrative oncology. This concept may not be familiar to you yet, but it is gaining in importance in Switzerland. The idea? Combine conventional medicine with complementary treatments, such as meditation, clinical hypnosis, acupuncture, or art therapy… This in order to offer a global therapeutic approach to patients that is centered on all of their person … Read more