CBD, yoga, personal development books… The well-being market is not experiencing the crisis

Anxiety, depression, insomnia: the French have low morale. To the delight of anti-stress product merchants, who promise anxious people a little serenity thanks to their more or less inexpensive products. With the health crisis, the sales of these well-being merchants have leapt over the past two years. And it is not the founder of Morphée … Read more

“Disenchantment”, a “Healthy Crisis” for the Contemporary World – ZENIT – English

The “disenchantment”, which comes “almost inevitably” in old age, is “a salutary crisis”, said Pope Francis, commenting on the Old Testament book Qohelet, or Ecclesiastes, in which the author ironically questions the meaning of life and the vanity of human things. During the general audience of this Wednesday, May 25, 2022, in St. Peter’s Square … Read more

To best manage the climate crisis, European Union officials are encouraged to reflect

To best manage the climate crisis European Union officials are

Brussels officials working on the climate policy of the Green Pact or Green Deal follow meditation courses. Inspired by Buddhist practices, these mindfulness trainings have one purpose: to accelerate the development of a consensus between decision-makers. Photo: Shutterstock Interior transition, missing link? The mindfulness program is called “ inner green deal or the Interior Green … Read more

Neo-shamanism, “Indigo Child”, “channeling”… The health crisis confirms the great return of New Age excesses

In fact, MIVILUDES points out that “The health crisis had an immediate impact, observable through referrals, more than a hundred of which relate to situations related to the subject. » Coaches, “traditional doctors”, and other gurus of all kinds have proved to be particularly skilled in exploiting the vulnerability of part of the population, adjusting … Read more