Astro: Here is the most important age of your life, according to your astrological sign

Life is an adventure that we go through with good times and bad times. We are the protagonists of our story. But according to astrology, there is an age that is crucial for human life. This is determined by some planetary aspects that you need to know. Check them out here…

Astro: according to astrology, there is a pivotal age in life

It is important to realize that there is an age in life that is decisive. For many people, this age is decisive and the moment when the leap to their true Self occurs, stripping them of all that is incidental. Many people make big decisions at this stage of life. And it doesn’t seem to be unusual. There is a very precise astrological reason!

33 years old: the most important age of a life according to the stars

The number 33 carries a very particular halo of mystery in human societies. This number is repeated in many cultures around the world. And it’s no coincidence. Jesus died at this age to show his love for humanity at the perfect age of life; because he was in perfect health; and because by raising him so young, he teaches us the future condition of those who will be raised at the last day.

But the Christian religion is not the only one to have this figure as a beacon. Freemasonry is characterized by the use of rituals and symbols. There are 33 degrees in Freemasonry, each of which represents one of the stages in the education of a Mason. On the other hand, according to yogi discipline in India, there are 33 sacred paths leading to enlightenment. On the other hand, Krishna, the Hindu holy god, also died at the age of 33. But is it a coincidence?

But why is this age so important?

Everything is explained by the movement of the planets. And more precisely of the central star of the galaxy: the Sun.
After a period of 33 years, the Sun is on the same day, and at the same longitude in space, as when we were born. This is called the complete solar cycle. In other words: we see that on the 33rd birthday the king star is found in the same configuration as at birth in signs and houses. It is as if the Sun is starting a new cycle where things must change and evolve. This happens thanks to a previous planetary movement that sets the stage: the return of Saturn.

The return of Saturn, occurs between the ages of 27 and 30, and it is for each of us a time when maturity is put to the test. At 33, with the Solar convolution, it’s another story. The person will make experiences that will lead him to total independence and without return. This has the very beautiful quality of bringing out the most authentic month possible.

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It is clear that all stages of life are important and that every moment should be savored. But it is true that astrology and the symbolism of the number 33 coincide in a surprising way to show us the importance of this age in particular. Moreover, the 33 years are a moment of fullness in adulthood which is perfect to become what one would like to be. And that’s not all, because the second solar convulsion of life occurs at age 66 when the Sun repeats this alignment identical to the day of our birth. So you know what to expect now!

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Astro: Here is the most important age of your life, according to your astrological sign

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