Meditation, a tool for preventing dementia?

Meditation a tool for preventing dementia

Paris, France – A French clinical trial shows that 18-month mindfulness meditation training improves the attentional and socio-emotional capacities of subjects aged 65 and over, compared to those of two control groups (one active, the other passive). [1] On the other hand, no difference was observed between the three groups regarding the volume of the … Read more

From the age of 65, the practice of meditation could prevent certain forms of dementia

From the age of 65 the practice of meditation could

We already know the benefits of meditation on our body and psychebut according to new research, she is also a tool to prevent the onset of certain forms of dementia. It’s in the recognized scientific journal Jama Neurology that the work of researchers from INSERM and the University of Caen will soon be published, as … Read more

Prevention of dementia in seniors: meditation under study

Prevention of dementia in seniors meditation under study

And if it was enough to meditate a little to age better? In any case, this is the track explored by a very recent study, to be published soon in the very serious journal “Jama Neurology”. She looks at the benefits of meditation for seniors. As part of this program called Medit-Ageing, researchers from Inserm … Read more

Meditation against dementia, a scientifically supported hope – Sciences et Avenir

1666312742 Meditation against dementia a scientifically supported hope Sciences et

Meditation could help to age better by strengthening emotional capacities and their regulation, concludes a study carried out on Norman sexagenarians. Practiced long enough, it could even make the brain more resistant to the onset of dementia, although this remains to be demonstrated in future studies. Reduce stress to improve aging “Scientifically, it cannot be … Read more