FREE LUNCH SURVEY. The grip of the white wolf, shaman accused of rape: the disturbing story of his repentant followers

FREE LUNCH SURVEY The grip of the white wolf shaman

Cyrille Adam celebrated his 70th birthday in prison. Taking themselves for a descendant of an Indian chief, disciples of his teaching denounce sectarian excesses and rapes. He disputes everything. “We don’t say ‘no’ to Loup Blanc, no one says no to him, he’s our master, he’s God! And we were afraid of him, women and … Read more

The DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine partner of the national survey on actors and actions in the field of Art and Science

The DRAC Nouvelle Aquitaine partner of the national survey on actors

In recent years, the emergence of the Arts and Sciences field has concerned a growing number of actors and networks in France. This is particularly the case in New Aquitaine where many structures (artistic teams and higher education establishments) participate in the development of scientific, technical and industrial cultural policies (CSTI). Among the latter, we … Read more

Exclusive survey of August 14, 2022: the summary of your new number tonight (video) – Stars Actu

1660481989 Exclusive survey of August 14 2022 the summary of your

Exclusive survey of August 14, 2022, the summary This evening at 11:10 p.m. on M6, Bernard de la Villardière invites you to a new and unpublished issue of the magazine “Enquête exclusive”. This week, the theme is “The Azores: a paradise lost in the middle of the Atlantic”. Advertising Your magazine will then be available … Read more

Villefranche in ten years: what will the city look like? Discover our survey from Monday, May 30

the essential From Monday May 30 to Saturday June 4, discover our survey of Villefranche in 10 years. For a few weeks, La Dépêche du Midi has been looking at the future: “Villefranche in ten years”. Far from divination or clairvoyance, this investigation into the projection of the city in a decade paints the portrait … Read more