TikTok generation, “toctoc” generation? Survey on the misinformation of young people and their relationship to science and the paranormal in the age of social networks – IFOP

ITA Airways strengthens its Italy Algeria flight program

At a time when TikTok is establishing itself as the favorite social network of young French people, what do we know about the impact of this platform on its users, who are more and more likely to use it for entertainment but also for get informed? While the health crisis has been fertile ground for … Read more

Dungeons & Dragons – 10 Star Trek: The Next Generation Character Builds | Pretty Reel

Christmas and New Years Eve 5 initiatives so that no

Nearly 30 years after its series ended, many Star Trek fans still consider Star Trek: The Next Generation to be the best series in the franchise. Dungeons & Dragons is another property with a longstanding dedicated fan base, especially with the upcoming D&D movie, Honor Among Thieves. A Star Trek tabletop game exists, but the … Read more

The Lost Boys of Generation X

Hot Yoga Is Hot Yoga Better

I just found out I’m Gen X. Better to find out late than never. Nah, I won’t tell you my age. Confidences have limits. According to the classification of William Strauss and Neil Howe, two American authors specializing in generational facts (Millennials Rising: The Next Great GenerationNew York, Vintage, 2000), generation X designates, with some … Read more

Bye bye Madame Irma, here is the new generation of clairvoyants – Elle

Bye bye Madame Irma here is the new generation of

At the Café Contresort, tucked away in a quiet street in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, the decor plunges customers into the atmosphere: signs of the zodiac adorn the midnight blue walls; pumpkins and candles are placed everywhere. At the entrance, tarot games are self-service; even the taste buds go into magic mode with, à … Read more

La guerre de quatrième génération est au stade de la mort cérébrale en Ukraine – Algérie Patriotique

La guerre de quatrieme generation est au stade de la

Jens Stoltenberg et Emmanuel Macron à Paris, le 28 novembre dernier. D. R. Une contribution d’Ali Akika – La référence à la mort cérébrale de la guerre de la 4e génération est un pastiche à la mort cérébrale de l’OTAN du président Macron. Mais avant de narrer la petite histoire de la stratégie de cette notion, … Read more

Disgaea 7 and its maxi Prinny arrive in 2023 – Generation Nintendo

Why walking is a good exercise to lose weight

If it’s not surprising that a new episode of the series Disgaea either in development, the series being the flagship figure of the Nippon-Ichi Software studio, its announcement in the middle of August, on the other hand, serves as a nice surprise. Indeed, while the sixth episode has only been released for a year here … Read more

Harry Potter, a success generation after generation

On June 26, 1997, the first volume of the saga of Harry Potter, designed by JK Rowling. Who would have believed at the time that the adventures of the little wizard would become a worldwide literary, cultural and commercial phenomenon? On the occasion of the 25e novel anniversary, The duty looks back on this unprecedented … Read more

Star Academy: the telecrochet phenomenon of the children of the generation of the 2000s

We recall. We are Saturday, October 20, 2001 when the television screen unveils the premiere of Star Academy. Viewers discover the candidates: Jenifer, Mario, Jean-Pascal, Carine, Djalil… They are singers, dancers and dream of becoming the next French star. The telecrochet is not really developed and there are many confusions. This is what presenter Nikos … Read more

The latest generation of face marks in Nigeria – BBC News BBC Homepage

The latest generation of face marks in Nigeria BBC

By Nduka Orjinmo BBC News, Abuja 27 minutes ago Photo credit, BBC/ Nduka Orjinmo Facial scarification was once popular throughout Nigeria. Deep cuts, usually on both cheeks or the forehead, were engraved on children by families and communities, most often as a mark of identity. These marks also contained stories of pain, reincarnations and beauty. … Read more