T’zée: an African tragedy in five acts | LeMagduCine

1673835454 Tzee an African tragedy in five acts LeMagduCine

Like a classic tragedy, this graphic novel due to Apollo (script), Bruno (drawing) and Laurence Cross (colors) depicts the last gasps of a dictatorship, somewhere in central Africa, with its causes and consequences on the situation of the country and on some individuals. Act 1 is remarkable for the amount of information it provides, while … Read more

Group meditation curbs national tragedy: Study – CNET – ApparelGeek

Group meditation curbs national tragedy Study CNET ApparelGeek

Break for meditation, anyone? A 17-year-old study in progress is being hailed as a landmark in the field of meditation, showing that the widespread practice is having a positive impact on the American population, even those who don’t participate. Published in the World Journal of Science, this research is the “longest and most comprehensive” of … Read more

After the Itaewon tragedy, a disturbing spiritual mentor close to the president causes scandal

After the Itaewon tragedy a disturbing spiritual mentor close to

While South Korea mourns the victims of the Itaewon tragedy, all eyes are on the police and the government, which is trying to limit controversy over the tragedy. But a disturbing spiritual mentor, who would be close to the controversial president Yoon, caused a scandal for remarks made after the deadly stampede. Anger is brewing … Read more

Murder in Paris of Lola, 12 years old: The main suspect indicted for the murder and rape with acts of torture and barbarism of the young girl – Brigitte Macron expresses her emotion after this tragedy

Murder in Paris of Lola 12 years old The main

5:07 p.m .: The main suspect in the murder of Lola, a 12-year-old schoolgirl, has been indicted for the murder and rape with acts of torture and barbarity of the young girl, found dead on Friday in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. . 3:11 p.m.: During the ELA dictation for sick children, Brigitte Macron communicated … Read more

In 1976 near Alençon, a “bazaar wizard” murdered: when witchcraft leads to tragedy

In 1976 near Alencon a bazaar wizard murdered when witchcraft

By nathalie.legendre Published on 8 Aug 22 at 14:11 L’Orne Hebdo See my news Follow this media Occurring in Hesloup, this surprising news item was judged in Alençon, a few months later, in May 1977. ©L’Orne hebdo It dates back to 1976. A case that made headlines many media of the time, local and national. … Read more

“The Northman”: a visceral and mystical Nordic tragedy

The Northman a visceral and mystical Nordic tragedy

Vikings with muscles covered in a thick layer of hemoglobin. Hallucinated visions mixing psychotropics and paganism. Heroes guided by a destiny whose name is vengeance. This is the journey that director Robert Eggers offers us in his new film The Northman. After exploring the myth of the witch in early settler America with the excellent … Read more

How the Maccabiah helped a Jewish family in tragedy

How the Maccabiah helped a Jewish family in tragedy

JTA — On the wall of Adam Henry’s childhood bedroom in Fort Myers, Fla., hangs a gold medal from the 2017 Maccabiah Games, an international sports tournament often billed as the Jewish Olympics. Adam, now 20 and a Division I goaltender at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, has always been a very involved player. … Read more

A yoga teacher suspected of the murder of her rival: the love triangle ends in tragedy

The American authorities are still actively looking for a woman, Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, suspected of the murder of her rival. The tension rises a notch in the United States, while a woman is actively sought for murder. For more than a month, Kaitlin Marie Armstrong has been under an arrest warrant. The 35-year-old yoga teacher … Read more

We don’t talk about Bruno hiding his real tragedy – CNET – ApparelGeek

Besides being one of Disney’s catchiest songs Charm, “We are not talking about Bruno” also hides the greatest tragedy of the unmentioned uncle. The film opened to a limited theatrical release before receiving critical and cultural acclaim upon its release on the Disney+ streaming service. Maybe CharmThe biggest hit from, the original songs and score, … Read more