After the Itaewon tragedy, a disturbing spiritual mentor close to the president causes scandal

While South Korea mourns the victims of the Itaewon tragedy, all eyes are on the police and the government, which is trying to limit controversy over the tragedy. But a disturbing spiritual mentor, who would be close to the controversial president Yoon, caused a scandal for remarks made after the deadly stampede.

Anger is brewing in South Korea and the pressure on President Yoon is unabated. While the latter – like the police – is attacked by his opponents following the tragedy of Itaewon, during which 156 people lost their lives, he is again under the fire of controversy after remarks made by a a man he was very close to. One who calls himself master Cheon-gong (or JungBub) and presents himself as a spiritual leader of a branch of Taoism. This guru and Youtuber published a video earlier this week in which he describes the Halloween drama that occurred on October 29 as “an opportunity sent by paradise”.

According to the “Korea Times“, who translated part of his 20-minute long recording, the man goes on to say that the deadly stampede must allow the world to “focus on South Korea”. “When our children are sacrificed, it should be on such a scale for the world to pay attention to us,” he says. He goes on to point out that this tragedy gives Korea an opportunity to engage diplomatically on a global scale.

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Cheon-gong released a video earlier this week calling the October 29 Halloween drama “a heaven-sent opportunity.”

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According to him, the funds that will soon be paid to injured victims or relatives of those who died must also come from fundraising rather than from the government budget. He also suggests that senior officials, including the president, prime minister, first lady and lawmakers, write handwritten letters to their foreign counterparts to express their gratitude for their condolences. “It’s an incredible opportunity. We can join (the international community) again,” he said.

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“Nobody’s Fault”

These words could have remained hidden on youtube if the man who held them was not considered a close friend of President Yoon Seok-yeol and his wife. Cheon-gong, Lee Byung-chul of his real name, recognizable by his white outfit and his long beard, was seen several times with the presidential couple, in particular during a visit to the Korean community in New York. In his video, he claims that the Itaewon tragedy is “nobody’s fault”, a way, according to the president’s rivals, to disempower the latter as they summon him to apologize.

Their links had been debated during the presidential campaign which opposed the conservative candidate to his Democratic rival. During several televised debates aimed at designating the candidate who would represent the People’s Power Party, Yoon Seok-yeol had been filmed with an inscription in the palm of his hand: the word “King”, written in Chinese signs. At the time, it was said to be an occult practice giving the person bearing these words the courage to speak in public. The future president had defended himself by indicating that these were just words of encouragement from an elderly neighbor. Yoon Seok-yeol later admitted to having met Lee Byung-chul a few times.

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The latter, described as a shaman in some local media, explained in an interview that he was not “being a mentor” for the president, while acknowledging that he had advised him to leave his post as prosecutor to run for president. It is also he who would have whispered in his ear not to settle in the Blue House, the historic presidential residence in South Korea, because of the bad energies that would be there.

The Bad Memory of President Park

President Yoon has spoken several times to defend himself from any occult link with this man. Quoted by “Hani“, he had declared in 2021 during the presidential campaign: “His videos have nothing to do with superstitions or divination. It may not be for everyone, but it is not a medium”.

These accusations of mysticism did not prevent the right-wing candidate from winning against his opponent, himself caught up in several scandals. However, many have been concerned about the reoccurring memory of former President Park Geun-hye, who allegedly participated in occult rituals conducted by her close friend, Choi Seo-won, who was then known as Choi Soon. -sil. At the heart of a vast corruption case and being considered under the influence of this person, she was deposed in 2017 and then sentenced to 32 years in prison for abuse of power before being pardoned by former President Moon.

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After the Itaewon tragedy, a disturbing spiritual mentor close to the president causes scandal

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