“The Contemplation of Mystery”: A Mystical Hunt

Whether for the theater or for the cinema, Emmanuel Schwartz has always been attracted by complex characters that allow him to explore the gray areas of the human soul. The role he plays in the psychological drama The contemplation of the mystery is no exception. “He’s a kind of metrosexual Hercules, a tragic urban hero,” … Read more

“Genius of France”, by Abdennour Bidar: for a mystical secularism

Book. The title is daring, the subject removed. At a time when questioning the identity of France may seem obsolete or even tendentious, Abdennour Bidar intends to show the urgency of such reflection. Accustomed to religious or spiritual questions (self-islamThreshold, 2006; Spiritual revolution!Almora, 2021), the philosopher prefers, however, to the term “identity” – which suggests … Read more

“Meeting with an enlightened”: François de Brauer in mystical apnea – Artistikrezo

Meeting with an enlightened Francois de Brauer in mystical apnea

When you frequent the scouts too much, you risk mystical burnout. An intimate adventure that the actor François de Brauer, a slender Caubère, reinvents with very personal magic and a lot of humor on the Petit Saint-Martin set for a countdown with the spectators and his head in the stars: magic. Magnificat What is this … Read more

National team of Senegal: At the heart of mystical practices, between players, coaches and dual nationals

National team of Senegal At the heart of mystical practices

Beyond the quality of its players and the contribution of its supporters, the Senegalese national team has always called on a third force to try to win its matches: mystical practices. Present in Senegalese society, the mystical (black magic for some, maraboutage for others) or ”xons” in Wolof, has always (discreetly) accompanied the Senegalese selection. … Read more

Catholicism: who are the “consecrated virgins”, mystical spouses of Christ without being religious?

Catholicism who are the consecrated virgins mystical spouses of Christ

On the day of her consecration, Isabelle P. received a ring, symbol of her union with God. Always in her bag, her little Bible never leaves her. JUSTINE RODIER ” Have a nice weekend and don’t forget the essay for Monday! recalls Isabelle P. from the classroom blackboard as she finishes picking up her things. … Read more

Botticelli, itinerary of a child prodigy: a mystical end of the 15th century

WEBSERIES 8/9 – Le Figaro Special Edition devotes an exceptional issue to the painter of Spring. In The Mystical NativitySandro reveals the anguish caused to him by the execution of Savonarola. “I, Alessandro, painted this picture at the end of the year 1500 during the troubles in Italy, when the eleventh chapter of Saint John … Read more

6 mystical works by Pasolini

6 mystical works by Pasolini

♦ Popular: “Accattone” (1961) “Accattone”, 1961, by Pier Paolo Pasolini. / Arco Film/Cino del Duca/CHRISTOPHEL COLLECTION From his first film, which depicts the tribulations of a small pimp, Accattone (Franco Citti), in the suburbs of Rome, the filmmaker affirms the complex relations he maintains with a Catholicism whose popular rituals and aesthetics permeated his Friulian … Read more

Top 5 of the most mystical countries in Africa: Senegal 2nd in the ranking

Top 5 of the most mystical countries in Africa Senegal

To speak of mysticism or mysticism amounts, to a certain extent, to taking an interest in a socio-cultural reality, let us say in a practice-truth-belief. The latter, if we offer ourselves the means to question some stages of human history, seems never to cease to show itself, with a certain acuity, that it founds our … Read more