Yann Barthès: “A bit manipulative”, his failings explained by astrology… a rival has the same sign as him!

Christmas and New Years Eve 5 initiatives so that no

It pours out only rarely, and so to speak never. Yann Barthesthis October 25 at the controls of Daily, is probably the most discreet man on television, and his private life is well kept from prying eyes. Only the few rare times he gives himself up on the set of Daily (TMC) allow you to … Read more

De Mithra, rival de Jésus Christ, au « Soleil invaincu » : ce que Noël doit aux rites païens

De Mithra rival de Jesus Christ au Soleil invaincu ce

Une crèche dans le village médiéval de montagne de Lucéram (Alpes-Maritimes), à l’occasion des fêtes de Noël, le 6 décembre 2022. Lucéram présente plus de 450 crèches lors du 25e Circuit des crèches. ERIC GAILLARD / REUTERS C’est une crèche ordinaire, avec ses santons de Provence. Le bébé Jésus, sur la paille, sa mère radieuse, … Read more

A yoga teacher suspected of the murder of her rival: the love triangle ends in tragedy

The American authorities are still actively looking for a woman, Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, suspected of the murder of her rival. The tension rises a notch in the United States, while a woman is actively sought for murder. For more than a month, Kaitlin Marie Armstrong has been under an arrest warrant. The 35-year-old yoga teacher … Read more