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Besides being one of Disney’s catchiest songs Charm, “We are not talking about Bruno” also hides the greatest tragedy of the unmentioned uncle. The film opened to a limited theatrical release before receiving critical and cultural acclaim upon its release on the Disney+ streaming service. Maybe CharmThe biggest hit from, the original songs and score, received substantial praise, with “Dos Oruguitas” giving hamilton writer Lin-Manuel Miranda his second Oscar nomination.

Although not nominated for the Oscar, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” quickly became a fan favorite, becoming one of the film’s most streamed songs alongside “Surface Pressure.” The song details the Madrigal family’s opinions of the black sheep Bruno – the mysterious uncle whose powers of divination have earned him blame for every downfall in the family’s history. Staying fresh in the minds of the audience with its catchy chorus and Miranda’s signature demonstration hamilton trick of merging multiple streams into a single verse, a closer look at the lyrics exposes a darker side to the song.

Indeed, while “We’re Not Talking About Bruno” initially seems to construct an image of the outcast uncle, it instead works to expose how family opinions have led to Bruno’s isolation. It wasn’t Bruno’s powers that caused his retreat into the walls of the house, but his family’s demonization of him. Just as the Madrigal family turns out to be more than meets the eye, the lyrics to “We’re Not Talking About Bruno” work the same way and reveal the initial warning song to be an account of the true tragedy of bruno. The song’s lyrics demonstrate this tragedy through Bruno’s family descriptions which – with him having lived in isolation for the past ten years – are all completely made up, even if elements correlate to his current self. This is encapsulated in Camilo’s verse in the song, as he describes his uncle having a “seven foot frame” with “rats along his back” while transforming into a malevolent version of the character. Conveying this image to Mirabel, Camilo exposes the Madrigals’ deep-rooted fear of Bruno and posits a method the family may have used to demonize him while he remained in public.

It is true that by finding Bruno living within the walls, Mirabel learns that his uncle has a certain affinity with rats, the rodents which keep him company in his isolation. However, having lived in this state for the last ten years, there is no way other members of the Madrigal family could know this information. Camilo’s description of Bruno thus constructs a horrifying image of the man using rats and unusual physicality to further define the isolated uncle as a monster. To keep up appearances, the Madrigal family needed someone to blame for everything that was wrong in their lives, so they turned to Bruno. Camilo’s description demonstrates that while the Madrigals placed Bruno’s prophecies as the source of their problems, they unnecessarily molded him into the image of a monster to fit their narrative.

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is undoubtedly one of Disney’s most catchy original songs, but Miranda’s lyrics also allow it to demonstrate Charmit’s a real drama. Through family prejudice, the haunting reality is revealed that the Madrigals demonized the family’s uncle before Bruno tragically began hiding within the walls. This is not a song warning of the dangers of Bruno’s prophecies, but one that shows that CharmThe real drama is knowing how the family turned against Bruno long before his imprisonment.

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We don’t talk about Bruno hiding his real tragedy – CNET – ApparelGeek

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