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Review of The Northman Film 2022 CineSeries

REVIEW / FILM REVIEW – Alexander Skarsgård embarks on a bloody revenge in “The Northman”, superb new feature film by Robert Eggers inspired by Nordic sagas. The Vikings in the spotlight Although the nordic universe is quite present in other mediums (the series vikingsvideo games Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and God of War: Ragnarok), we can’t … Read more

“The Northman”: when the Vikings of Robert Eggers divide the critics of the “Mask”

The Northman when the Vikings of Robert Eggers divide the

After “The Witch” and “The Lighthouse”, Robert Eggers delves into Scandinavian legend to adapt “Hamlet”. A story of revenge whose universe and spectacular staging convinced some of the critics of the “Mask”, while the other points to a visual and script collapse. Actor Alexander Skarsgård as Amlet in ‘The Northman’ © 2022 FOCUS FEATURES The … Read more

“The Northman”, a viking film like we have never seen, epic and breathtaking

The Northman a viking film like we have never seen

Author of The Witch (2016), on the witch hunt in 17th century Virginia, and The Lighthouse (2019), Robert Eggers is one of the most talented American directors of the moment. He confirms it with The Northman which comes out on Wednesday May 11, a 9th century Viking film unlike any we have ever seen. In … Read more