The Fifty: Maeva Ghennam suspected of having cheated? A controversial sequence – X Gossip

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In the latest episodes of the reality show The Fifty, the candidate Maeva Ghennam has been accused on several occasions of having been favored by the production. This time, the young woman would have cheated during an eliminatory test. We take stock. For several days, a new reality TV show has emerged on the W9 … Read more

Kazakhstan launches an investigation into the mining company Bincloud suspected of organizing a Ponzi scheme. – Latest News

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Recently, Kazakh authorities launched an investigation into a mining hotel involved in a cryptocurrency pyramid. The platform called Bincloud attracted investors through the popular messaging app. Its founders kept 16% of the investors’ funds for themselves. Bincloud facing an investigation by the Kazakh authorities As part of a broader effort to combat cryptocurrency fraud, Kazakhstan’s … Read more

A yoga teacher suspected of the murder of her rival: the love triangle ends in tragedy

The American authorities are still actively looking for a woman, Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, suspected of the murder of her rival. The tension rises a notch in the United States, while a woman is actively sought for murder. For more than a month, Kaitlin Marie Armstrong has been under an arrest warrant. The 35-year-old yoga teacher … Read more

School: mindfulness meditation suspected of sectarian drift

Sit down, breathe, pay attention to the present moment. For the past ten years, mindfulness meditation (MPC) has been used in some schools to improve the classroom atmosphere and promote student concentration. Faced with a generalized loss of attention, the practice even arouses a certain enthusiasm. Today, however, it is singled out by several associations. … Read more