10 emblematic attractions of Disneyland Paris

30 years of magic and magical moments. On April 12, 1992, the Disneyland Paris theme park opened its doors to the public. Thirty years later, children and adults continue to meet there. Mickey is getting old: his park Disneyland Paris celebrates its 30th anniversary today. For the occasion, the park pulled out all the stops: … Read more

INTERVIEW. Fred Hersch, un héros très discret du piano jazz, en son jardin au Bal Blomet, à Paris

Il a l’air d’un étudiant qui n’aurait pas vu les années filer. Mais derrière sa silhouette frêle et ses yeux étonnés, se cache non seulement un virtuose qui bâtit une œuvre splendide loin des paillettes du star system, mais aussi un guerrier. Virtuose, Fred Hersch, pianiste et compositeur né à Cincinnati le 21 octobre 1955, … Read more

The Guimet Museum in Paris, a living window to Asia

The Guimet Museum in Paris a living window to Asia

Place d’Iéna, near the Eiffel Tower, the Mnaag (National Museum of Asian Arts-Guimet) spreads its wings on either side of a tower surmounted by a colonnaded dome. Seen from the outside, its neo-classical architecture does not bring it back. Yet he is “the largest museum of Asian art in Europe and houses an extremely important … Read more

5 elements to understand… the history of Disneyland Paris, the largest amusement park in Europe

Since the beginning of March, the Disney-themed amusement park has been celebrating its thirty years of existence. A great opportunity to retrace the history of this unique place which today delights young and old alike. Disneyland Paris celebrates its 30th anniversary this year! To mark the occasion, the leisure park offers to share it with … Read more

“Les Passagers de la nuit”, solitudes gathered in the Paris of the 1980s

Passengers of the night *** by Mikhaël Hers French film, 1 h 51 It begins the night of May 10, 1981, with its scenes of jubilation in the streets of Paris at the announcement of François Mitterrand’s victory, and it is the whole film by Mikhaël Hers which is tinged with this grain of nostalgia … Read more

Bruny Surin, Canada’s Chef de Mission at the Paris Olympics

Bruny Surin Canadas Chef de Mission at the Paris Olympics

Q. Congratulations on your appointment. How did you hear the news and what was your reaction? A. I’m thrilled. I can’t stop dancing. It’s sick! I was on a conference call with the Canadian Olympic Committee and that’s how I found out. For me it was already party! I could tell it was on my … Read more

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MARABOUT RETOUR AFFECTIF PARIS SERIEUX +229 65 75 37 75 saint-maur des fossés, 9 mai 2022 08:30, Saint-Maur-des-Fossés. 9 mai – 10 juin Sur place Entrée Libre kantaraoye@gmail.com rituel d’amour qui fonctionne avis, rituel de l’œuf pour séparer un couple, rituel magie rouge retour amoureux, rituel pour faire revenir l’être aime, rituel pour faire revenir son … Read more