“A mixture of Taoism and Beninese witchcraft”: the guru of “warriors of light” in court

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Élysée Ade, a 53-year-old Franco-Beninese, is on trial in Paris until Monday, October 10 for having been at the head of a sect for more than six years. kung fu traininguntil exhaustion“, sex therapy sessions to achieve the “eight orgasmic successive doors“, but also courses of “philosophy“Based on conspiracy theses… From this Monday and until … Read more

Maryline, the Strasbourg designer who puts witchcraft in her jewelry

Olivier Deichtmann the mischievous illustrator who revisits the facades of

Alsace is a region nourished by a multitude of legends of witches and mischievous creatures. Hills, stones or castles all have an esoteric story to tell. And precisely, Maryline finds her inspiration in our folklore and in the world of Tolkien, to create magic jewels with protective stones. We went to meet her in her … Read more

Pogba case: “an unhealthy being” linked to “organized crime” and follower of witchcraft … Paul Pogba targeted by a new round of accusations from his brother Mathias

Haaland is Man Citys latest gem in the Bundesliga but

Almost a month after Mathias Pogba’s first messages on social networks, promising revelations about his brother Paul, he joined the talk to the deeds. Although currently in detention, after his indictment for “extortion in an organized gang” and “participation in a criminal association with a view to preparing a crime”, the brother of Paul Pogba … Read more

“Some will be shocked”: organized crime, witchcraft, bag of money … In prison, Paul Pogba’s brother drives the point home

Haaland is Man Citys latest gem in the Bundesliga but

Since his detention, Mathias Pogba has published a new series of revelations on Twitter. This Friday, September 23, he accuses his brother of being close to “bandits”, of having marabouted Kylian Mbappé and of having wanted to intimidate him. The family quarrels continue at the Pogba. And tensions increase. After bringing serious charges against his … Read more

Carla accused of witchcraft, the production of the Marseillais would have taken a radical measure for the future!

How heart coherence can help you relax and de stress

Faced with this story of witchcraft linked to Carla Moreau, the production of the Marseillais would have taken a radical decision for the rest of the show. Zoom. To read laterSavedFollow #Reality TV#Reality TV Tracking Carla Moreau is still in turmoil. Accused of having used witchcraft to harm other Marseillais candidates, she finds herself with … Read more

A firm year required against Bernard Laporte: “It’s a witchcraft trial”, judge Henri Mondino

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If football has its marabouts, rugby has its “witchcraft trial”. This is at least the term used by Henri Mondino, member of the steering committee of the Ligue de Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur rugby and vice-president of the French rugby federation (FFR), to describe the prosecution’s indictment. National Finance against Bernard Laporte. As well as four other … Read more

Video games: Two Point Campus bets on witchcraft courses in its crazy university

Video games Two Point Campus bets on witchcraft courses in

It was right in the middle of summer and the long holidays, with a curious sense of timing, that the small English team at Two Point Studios decided to publish their university city-builder. Four weeks later, the start of the new school year is successful and Two Point Campus, which places you at the head … Read more

Carla Moreau and the witchcraft affair: isolation, weight loss, money at stake… the dark consequences

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February 26, 2021 was a black day for Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj. The first of a long series. At that time broke the witchcraft scandal that shook the world of reality TV. Carla Moreau was accused of having appealed to a seer named Danae in order to harm her comrades in the Marseilles. Damning … Read more

Sellia Witchcraft City Guide TechRadar

Sellia Witchcraft City Guide TechRadar

Elden Ring’s Sellia, Town of Sorcery is a mysterious location along the eastern edge of Aeonia Swamp in Caelid. It is filled with mystery magic sealsblocking your way to the plague church. The city itself is home to many magical wonders: Glistening Stone Lusat Staff, the Staff of Loss, and the Cerulean Tear Scarab Helm, … Read more

Behind the Pogba affair, the resurgence of belief in witchcraft

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A marabout, witchcraft, “spells” cast on Kylian Mbappé. It is not a Kamoulox, but the elements of an extravagant legal procedure, opened at the beginning of August. According to information from franceinfo, footballer Paul Pogba told investigators from the Central Office for the Fight against Organized Crime that he was threatened by childhood friends, like … Read more