In 1976 near Alençon, a “bazaar wizard” murdered: when witchcraft leads to tragedy

In 1976 near Alencon a bazaar wizard murdered when witchcraft

By nathalie.legendre Published on 8 Aug 22 at 14:11 L’Orne Hebdo See my news Follow this media Occurring in Hesloup, this surprising news item was judged in Alençon, a few months later, in May 1977. ©L’Orne hebdo It dates back to 1976. A case that made headlines many media of the time, local and national. … Read more

Mayan beliefs, purification of the soul, reincarnation: 50 years in prison for a Brussels man who murdered his children in Spain

The sentence is commensurate with the atrocity of the facts: Gabriel Carvajal, a Belgian national in his thirties, was sentenced Wednesday evening by the Valencia court to twice 25 years in prison, with a maximum incarceration of 40 years. His Spanish partner, Maria Gombau, co-author but considered irresponsible for her actions at the time of … Read more