“Isabelle Adjani disturbing in Diane de Poitiers”: Josée Dayan presents her new historical fresco for France 2

The detonating Silence of Falk Richter

Josée Dayan is a director. Determined, inhabited by her profession, it was the theater that first attracted her, then literature and finally television. As a result, she decided to combine her three passions. Impossible not to mention the series and its success which has lasted for many years, Captain Marleaudubbed, acclaimed by viewers. On November … Read more

After the Itaewon tragedy, a disturbing spiritual mentor close to the president causes scandal

After the Itaewon tragedy a disturbing spiritual mentor close to

While South Korea mourns the victims of the Itaewon tragedy, all eyes are on the police and the government, which is trying to limit controversy over the tragedy. But a disturbing spiritual mentor, who would be close to the controversial president Yoon, caused a scandal for remarks made after the deadly stampede. Anger is brewing … Read more

FREE LUNCH SURVEY. The grip of the white wolf, shaman accused of rape: the disturbing story of his repentant followers

FREE LUNCH SURVEY The grip of the white wolf shaman

Cyrille Adam celebrated his 70th birthday in prison. Taking themselves for a descendant of an Indian chief, disciples of his teaching denounce sectarian excesses and rapes. He disputes everything. “We don’t say ‘no’ to Loup Blanc, no one says no to him, he’s our master, he’s God! And we were afraid of him, women and … Read more

A disturbing mystical festival in Saint-Anaclet-de-Lessard

A disturbing mystical festival in Saint Anaclet de Lessard

The event, for which more than 350 people expressed their interest on the page Facebookoffers dance, yoga and elevation of the divine matrixdepending on the event schedule. The latter is also relatively cryptic. The event offers the revival of Atlantis by ancient Egypt through spiritual activities, from July 28 to 31. Among these activities are … Read more

Indian literature: ghosts, ubiquitous destitute people, two disturbing books – Asialyst

Indian literature ghosts ubiquitous destitute people two disturbing books

On a street in Calcutta, capital of West Bengal in northwest India. (Source : Flickr) The novel wounds of the dead takes us from the depths of the Indian countryside to the afterlife, while the news of The Awakening of the Nothing plunge us into the slums of Calcutta. Banyan editions, a small house specializing … Read more

Nathalie Marquay: Jean-Pierre Pernaut by her side despite his death, the disturbing signs he sends her

Nathalie Marquay saw her world turned upside down on March 2, 2022. That day, her husband Jean-Pierre Pernaut died at the age of 71 and since, like the other relatives of the former presenter of the 1 p.m. news from TF1, Miss France 1987 is trying to rebuild itself and move forward. Despite everything, her … Read more