Fontaine-Daniel: a village of national interest

Fontaine Daniel a village of national interest

Through Anne-Laure Retailleau Published on 8 Jan 23 at 11:37 updated on 8 Jan 23 at 11:37 Mayenne Courier See my news Follow this media Could Fontaine-Daniel be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site? Created in 2021, the association and the endowment fund of Friends of Fontaine-Daniel have a common goal: “to make Fontaine-Daniel … Read more

Group meditation curbs national tragedy: Study – CNET – ApparelGeek

Group meditation curbs national tragedy Study CNET ApparelGeek

Break for meditation, anyone? A 17-year-old study in progress is being hailed as a landmark in the field of meditation, showing that the widespread practice is having a positive impact on the American population, even those who don’t participate. Published in the World Journal of Science, this research is the “longest and most comprehensive” of … Read more

Saudi Crown Prince launches National Intellectual Property Strategy

Saudi Crown Prince launches National Intellectual Property Strategy

PARIS: The Court of Justice of the European Union cleared the way on Thursday for platforms to be held liable for the sale of counterfeits, ruling that Amazon could be considered to be promoting fake Louboutin products sold on its site by third parties. The famous French shoemaker Louboutin, known for its red-soled pumps, had … Read more

Heroes and witches haunt the Swiss National Museum – Swiss Catholic Portal

Heroes and witches haunt the Swiss National Museum – Swiss

Devil, witches and agents of the Good God have made an appointment in Zurich, in these winter nights, for new sarabands or fights between supernatural forces. Since December 16, 2022, the National City Museum has hosted an exhibition entitled Alpine legends. It depicts some fantastic stories that still haunt our Swiss Alps and which are … Read more

French language: if the “national awakening” worked, we would know…

French language if the national awakening worked we would know

The observation does not lie. Whatever the indicator – mother tongue, spoken at home, at work, etc. –, the French are losing their feathers. Yellow lights had been on for a long time, however. • Read also – Decline of French: Roberge calls for “a national awakening” of Quebecers The problem is that immediately after … Read more

The UDS satin jubilee under the sign of meditation: Crispin Kabasele Tshimanga Babanya Kabudi, National President & Honorary Senator

La lettre de lediteur Par Georges Ghosn Directeur de

The Union of Socialist Democrats, in acronym UDS, totaled, yesterday Tuesday, November 8, 2022, its twenty-four years of existence. Despite the fact that this political party placed this day under the sign of meditation, the National President of the UDS, Honorable Crispin Kabasele Tshimanga Babanya Kabudi, Honorary Senator, took the opportunity to send a message … Read more

The Expression: National – Charcoal Benabderrahmane

Les Choses Press area of ​​the Louvre Museum

The National People’s Assembly is at the rendezvous today with the Government’s General Policy Statement, which will be read by Prime Minister Aïmene Benabderrahmane. A key event, in this last quarter of the year 2022, moreover, very spied on and widely commented on by scholars and other observers of the national political scene. The presentation … Read more

The DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine partner of the national survey on actors and actions in the field of Art and Science

The DRAC Nouvelle Aquitaine partner of the national survey on actors

In recent years, the emergence of the Arts and Sciences field has concerned a growing number of actors and networks in France. This is particularly the case in New Aquitaine where many structures (artistic teams and higher education establishments) participate in the development of scientific, technical and industrial cultural policies (CSTI). Among the latter, we … Read more

National rally: with the departure of Marine Le Pen from the presidency of the party, a page turns

Mercury retrograde why is this period reputed to be chaotic

2:04 p.m., September 20, 2022 Since the creation of the National Front in 1972 – which became the National Rally (RN) in 2017 – the presidency of the party has been occupied continuously by a member of the Le Pen family, Marine succeeding his father Jean-Marie in 2011. The decision of the latter to abandon … Read more

Threatened, the Malagasy authorities fly to the aid of the Tsimanampetsosta National Park – VivAfrik – News

Threatened the Malagasy authorities fly to the aid of the

It is a haven of biodiversity. The dry forests, huge salt lake and limestone caves that make up the 200,000 hectares of Tsimanampetsosta National Park are home to 90% endemic flora and fauna. But this ecosystem is under continuous pressure, worsening the situation of species already in danger of extinction every day. The regional directorate … Read more