The Jewish Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha (continued…). By Rony Akrich

The Jewish Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha continued… By Rony Akrich

In a scroll of psalms from Qumran a number of additional compositions have been discovered, thus increasing the corpus of already known texts. They also helped to understand a literary genre – the Last Psalms – which happens to be misrepresented in the Apocrypha and the Pseudepigrapha. These pious poems give a deep insight into … Read more

PTAH. Euthanasia or palliative care? – Jewish Tribune

PTAH Euthanasia or palliative care Jewish Tribune

Last night, my wife and I were having dinner with a close friend, an excellent doctor, humane, close and attentive to his patients… In the midst of a debate on the evolution of the Léonetti law and support towards the end of life, the subject naturally came to the table… We all go through, with … Read more

Simo Benbachir’s “Sneaky Showbiz” on Witchcraft in Morocco Goes Global – Morocco Local and World News | Jewish news from Morocco, latest news | מרוקו ג׳וייש טיימס, חדשות מרוקו והעולם | Morocco News | أخبار المغرب

Simo Benbachirs Sneaky Showbiz on Witchcraft in Morocco Goes Global

Simo Benbachir confided in the American newspaper (The American reporter) attached the full translation of the interview published in the United States of America: Simo Ben (Simo Benbachir) is an award-winning journalist, praised and feared for his unwavering integrity and brutal honesty. The first Moroccan TV reporter to cover notable events like the Oscars and … Read more

Can we fight stupidity? 2/4 Pierre-André Taguieff – Jewish Tribune

Can we fight stupidity 24 Pierre Andre Taguieff Jewish Tribune

Free Opinion. 2/4 Pierre-André Taguieff In this four-part column, Pierre-André Taguieff gives us a philosophical critique of stupidity. But what is stupidity? It is not easy to define stupidity (or foolishness) or stupidity (or imbecility), because, because of the extreme diversity of their possible illustrations (themselves however clear), it is difficult to pass from perception … Read more

Ukraine: who are these Jewish pilgrims who defy the war as the pandemic?

Ukraine who are these Jewish pilgrims who defy the war

“Those who go to Uman will put themselves in danger, and Israel will not necessarily be able to assist them in case things go wrong. » The Israeli Foreign Ministry had been very clear: pilgrims who decided to visit this city in central Ukraine despite the war would do so at their own risk. “With … Read more

How the Maccabiah helped a Jewish family in tragedy

How the Maccabiah helped a Jewish family in tragedy

JTA — On the wall of Adam Henry’s childhood bedroom in Fort Myers, Fla., hangs a gold medal from the 2017 Maccabiah Games, an international sports tournament often billed as the Jewish Olympics. Adam, now 20 and a Division I goaltender at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, has always been a very involved player. … Read more