“The Contemplation of Mystery”: A Mystical Hunt

Whether for the theater or for the cinema, Emmanuel Schwartz has always been attracted by complex characters that allow him to explore the gray areas of the human soul. The role he plays in the psychological drama The contemplation of the mystery is no exception. “He’s a kind of metrosexual Hercules, a tragic urban hero,” … Read more

Côte d’Ivoire: Multiplication of banknotes, a mystic reveals: “It is with paper and chameleon ash that the marabouts do these practices” – KOACI

© Koaci.com – Sunday, November 21, 2021 – 12:22 Babou Niang The race for easy money is taking on increasingly important proportions in our African societies. As a result, traditional African values ​​which were the pride of this continent such as integrity, a taste for effort, work and respect for sacrosanct principles, are set aside … Read more

Indigenous mystique and its relationship to the environment

Indigenous mystique and its relationship to the environment

By: Jhon Gregory Mendez Embús It’s no secret that over the years environmental issues have been responsible for an exponential increase in negative impacts on the planet. Issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, harmful waste production and disposal, deforestation, among other factors, have become the “focus point” of the scientific community because, when the planet … Read more

“Genius of France”, by Abdennour Bidar: for a mystical secularism

Book. The title is daring, the subject removed. At a time when questioning the identity of France may seem obsolete or even tendentious, Abdennour Bidar intends to show the urgency of such reflection. Accustomed to religious or spiritual questions (self-islamThreshold, 2006; Spiritual revolution!Almora, 2021), the philosopher prefers, however, to the term “identity” – which suggests … Read more

“Meeting with an enlightened”: François de Brauer in mystical apnea – Artistikrezo

Meeting with an enlightened Francois de Brauer in mystical apnea

When you frequent the scouts too much, you risk mystical burnout. An intimate adventure that the actor François de Brauer, a slender Caubère, reinvents with very personal magic and a lot of humor on the Petit Saint-Martin set for a countdown with the spectators and his head in the stars: magic. Magnificat What is this … Read more

Moms, do you know “the mystique of crumbs under the table”?

What mother hasn’t sighed, trembled or blanched when Wednesday arrived? All these cavalcades, these arguments and these cries… One, climbed on a stool, grabbed a glass of milk. He has spilled everything on the ground and is wading there as in the sea. The other is crying. They broke his toy, the pretty little singing … Read more

National team of Senegal: At the heart of mystical practices, between players, coaches and dual nationals

National team of Senegal At the heart of mystical practices

Beyond the quality of its players and the contribution of its supporters, the Senegalese national team has always called on a third force to try to win its matches: mystical practices. Present in Senegalese society, the mystical (black magic for some, maraboutage for others) or ”xons” in Wolof, has always (discreetly) accompanied the Senegalese selection. … Read more

Meister Eckhart, mysticism beyond the centuries

Meister Eckhart mysticism beyond the centuries

“What good are poets in times of distress? », wondered the poet and philosopher Friedrich Hölderlin (1770-1843). One could add: and what good are mystics at the hour of catastrophes, these incandescents whose words burn with their love for God? John of the Cross, Thérèse of Avila, Bernard of Clairvaux… Of these best-known names, the … Read more

Catholicism: who are the “consecrated virgins”, mystical spouses of Christ without being religious?

Catholicism who are the consecrated virgins mystical spouses of Christ

On the day of her consecration, Isabelle P. received a ring, symbol of her union with God. Always in her bag, her little Bible never leaves her. JUSTINE RODIER ” Have a nice weekend and don’t forget the essay for Monday! recalls Isabelle P. from the classroom blackboard as she finishes picking up her things. … Read more